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Elephants in Serengeti Mud Wallow

Boutique Safari

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Boutique Safari

We encountered a herd of elephant experiencing the ecstacy of a great mud bath on a hot day. It was pure joy for them. Brought to you by Boutique Safaris.post-48899-0-37384100-1417996072_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-42082000-1417996073_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-42411500-1417996074_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-48584800-1417996075_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-32493200-1417996076_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-11402100-1417996077_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-01164800-1417996078_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-90084100-1417996078_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-32493200-1417996076_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-11402100-1417996077_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-01164800-1417996078_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-90084100-1417996078_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-34309800-1417996081_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-30497400-1417996096_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-35817900-1417996098_thumb.jpgpost-48899-0-85242500-1417996099_thumb.jpg



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