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Horsey Grey Seals -2014


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Just after Christmas we took our yearly trip to see the breeding seals at Horsey in Norfolk. It was a misty morning at the beach. Here's a few shots:


This little seal had come up the beach and over into the dunes, they do this to rub off their pup fur on the rough marram grass.


16160265896_992dfbb1b7_b.jpgPC263551 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


Seal patrol are on hand to try and guide wayward pups back to the beach:


15563703284_9b6045423d_b.jpgPC263579 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


But this little pup isn't keen to move!


16000024539_13162f964c_b.jpgPC263593 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


On the beach, pups rest up while adult seals play in the surf:


15998764120_00f1d0b298_b.jpgPC263610 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


16185343682_3a62e0a3cd_b.jpgPC263979 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


15998637928_423b808a66_b.jpgPC263676 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


16185326372_f0c52c5677_b.jpgPC263669 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


A few pups still have their first fluffy coat:


16186087925_ac54246a43_b.jpgPC263717 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


Our rubbish is their play toy:


16184209041_5809450716_b.jpgPC263851 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


15998646808_147814863e_b.jpgPC263887 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


16186092915_2f21f24bbe_b.jpgPC263816 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


15998647748_f3af4bd657_b.jpgPC263910 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


16000044379_e318f9c29d_b.jpgPC263960 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr


15563727824_4c85926e03_b.jpgPC264012 by kittykat23uk, on Flickr

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Plastic waste is a true nightmare for the environment...


But great series of images @@kittykat23uk I'd love to make this visit.

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Seals are precious; plastic is not.


But the series of the pup is great; I've only seen them once, off of Cabo and it was delightful.


I live on the water and you would not believe what washes up esp. after a storm. Its' disgusting. :angry:

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Tom Kellie


~ @@kittykat23uk


That's what I feel like after a holiday meal.

I like the contrast between the seal's shades of grey and the textured sand.

I'd never before heard of Horsey. As I like seals, it sounds like a village worth visiting.

Thank you for bringing it to the attention of those of us who've never been to Norfolk.

Tom K.

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