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Please include when and where taken, tech specs and any other pertinent information about the sighting.


Thanks, Matt.

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Kwando Lebala September 2005.

Several vehicles had been trying to search for the dogs.

Spencers vehicle found them and chased them past us (Steve K was my guide).

Steve decided that it would not be possible to follow the dogs and decided instead to take the vehicle to a naerby water hole.

20 seconds after we stopped the dogs came chasing two Impalas and killed the one just 10m from the vehicle. Later we had a great scene with the dogs fighting Hyeans for the scraps. The second Impala fled into the waterhole which did not have any Croc`s so it survived. In 3 days we saw 4 kills by the dogspost-5254-0-62596500-1421263481_thumb.jpgpost-5254-0-46935600-1421263574_thumb.jpg

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I have goose bumps just thinking of those days - Steve K, Spencer and Charles were the guides at Lebala back then!


RIP Steve K -


I still remember my first trip to Kwando where we were tracking the then Selinda pack (nearing 30 dogs) round and round (both Steve and Spencer and their trackers) for several hours before locating them finally much to the frustration of my 14 year old cousin who was with us.

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post-5254-0-26284400-1421302981_thumb.jpgDifferent type of kill from Kwando Lagoon August 2004


Stev K found the Lions at Halfway Lagoon as they prepared to go hunting for Buffalo. There was a 1000+ herd nearby.

After dark we followed the Lion pride only using the spotlight to make sure we were keeping up. Suddenly we heard some commotion and the male Lion had gotten hold of a very old Hyena. It took about 10 min for the lion to kill the Hyena and after that it spent quite some time crushing every bone in the Hyena! The Lion cubs were quite curious but were not allowed to come close.

Subsequently the Lions went for the Buffaloes and tried for more than 2 hours. Several times did we see Lions on the backs of Buffalos but every time the Buffalo herd managed to fend of the Lions. Quite a spectacle in the dark and with all the dust.

To finish the evening we had a puncture. Steve K had to change a tyre whilst GT had the spot light on the male Lion less than 20m from the vehicle and I had my small flashlight pointed at the females on the other side of the vehicle.

We were not back in camp until 11pm. I have never been so dirty before in my life from all the dust but what an evening!


PS Hari, the dogs above were the Selinda pride. At that time 23 or 24 dogs as far as I recall. It took place not to far from Aardwalk Island.







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Lovely stuff, Michael ........ Unfortunately, lots of those islands in the eastern side of the concession have been under water for some years now.

The Lion viewing in the concession good again - but, had been very poor between 2008 and 2013.

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Olare Orok Conservancy (Porini Lion Camp), Maasai Mara in November 2010




Everyone on the lookout




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Busanga Plains 2011, 25th of November. A massive thunderstorm during the night and all 4 Busanga pride females had killed one Lechwe each during the storm! 3 cubs were having their first taste of meat and playing. An amazingly memorable sighting, sadly the one lucky last guest of the season wanted to go back to the camp as there was a very slight drizzle. :rolleyes:




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Kingfisher Safaris

These photos were taken at Chitabe Camp in 2013. The Cheetah made the kill but by the morning it had been stolen by the Leopard. Incidentally the Leopard was considerably smaller than the Cheetah.













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More Kwando Magic ....... Boys of Lagoon... followed them all day from Cutline pan all the way to near the Baobab near Lebala resulting in this Tssesebe kill (tree unfortunately fell down a couple of weeks ago) August, 2010



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Talk about luck. We were driving from the airstrip to our camp when the tommy raced across in front of us, followed by a cheetah.


Masai Mara - 2004



We'd been driving around looking for these dogs for a couple of hours when we spotted them trotting down the track. Our guide told us they were about to hunt. We followed them and they suddenly they ran off in different directions.

We did our best to keep up with them and arrived seconds after they had brought down an impala.

There is nothing pretty about the way wild dogs tear a kill apart, often without even waiting for it to be completely dead.


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Another unusual kill

Kwando Kwara July 2006

We were at the Kwara airstrip waiting for some incoming guests when we spotted some Lionesses in tall grass towards Hippo Pools.

They were acting a little bit strange and seemed to be playing with something in the grass. They were pouncing like a Cat trying to get a Mouse.

As we got close there was a Serval lying on its back, apparantly with an injured spine, trying to protect itself. The Lionesses left shortly after as they probably new they had done the job and they did not want to interact with the claws of the Serval. The Serval was still alive when they left but dies shortly after.

The pictures are not perfect due to the long grass but you can just make out the Serval just in front of the Lion on the first picture.


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Kingfisher Safaris

This is from Khwai, Botswana in 2010. Having spent a good few hours trying to find the Wild Dogs after they left the Den to hunt we finally missed them after they had left the kill. It was well off one of the roads and I have no idea how Pilot found it, although he was looking for them or it. The skin was almost complete and still warm with the leg bones still in situ along with the skull. They can only have left a matter of minutes before we arrived but we only saw them at the Den in the morning, the last picture.









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@@mvecht - Awsome photos - how many times have you been to Kwando...and you have great luck for such rare sightings on the trip!

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Duba Plains 2007...one pretty exciting day.



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The result of a slightly different kill. The remains of the lead lioness from the Busanga Pride Sept' 2008. Killed by a buffalo during a hunt where the prey won. This image was taken about a month after the incident.


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Grisly photo @@Geoff . Fascinating though. Very similar to a photo I have where the prey won, but with a different 'type' of Lion I'll post in a bit!

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We were at Chitabe in Botswana March 2013 with the very experienced guide Phinley. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on if you can stomach a wild dog kill, we had stopped for a few landscape shots and then came on this very fresh kill made by a pack of two dogs.




After they got full we looked to our left and there sat a leopard just waiting for a turn. She took over when they left.








She ate on it then drug it to a tree about the time a 2nd pack of 8 dogs ran up. They took the kill devouring it in no time.







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Selinda,12th Aug 2005, near the Hippo Pools. One of those times on safari when I considered putting down the camera and just enjoying the spectacle.


Just before 4:30 PM we are watching 5 lioness sitting on a termite mound. The lioness are watching a waterbuck and Lechwe that are foraging perhaps 50 metres apart amongst the reeds of the spillway.


Two of the five lioness on the termite mound.



One lioness slicks down off the back of the mound and heads off in a wide arc. I watched her through binoculars until I lost her when she disappeared into the reeds. Then after a few more minutes the next lioness comes off the mound and stalks straight past the vehicle over open ground directly toward the waterbuck.



It is now 4:46 PM and she is in position



Meanwhile the last three lioness have also moved into position but there focus is on the lechwe. The trap is set, so looking from left to right there are 3 lioness crouched almost together, the lechwe, directly in front of us is the 4th lioness stalking the unsuspecting waterbuck and still out of sight, the 5th lioness. Time ticks by and the tension mounts. As I watch the 3 lioness crouched on our left I notice the anticipation in their bodies, their muscles seem to ripple and quiver. Then to our right we hear the fifth lioness charging through the reeds and water.


The Lechwe reacts and runs to our left, within an instant those 3 lioness are in pursuit. I watch them as the chase ends in a cloud of dust.



I turn back to the 4th lioness as she explodes into action and watch her bring the waterbuck down amongst the reeds.



We pull up along side as the waterbuck is being throttled and she is then joined by the lioness that had run through the reed bed.




After viewing those two for awhile we drive over to the 3 lioness feeding from the lechwe. We watch them until sunset. From 4:30 to sunset we have driven perhaps 400 metres and Kanawe later tells me it is the easiest gamedrive he has ever done.








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The chase photos are not mine - some kind person had a very capable camera at the time (as well as the 500mm F4 to go with it!) gave them to me afterwards. My camera was in the tent but there was no way I was going to risk getting it and possibly miss the action.


Deck in front of Shumba Camp, Busanga Plains sometime later half of 2011. We all sat and watched one of the Busanga pride spend almost 2 hours stalking to within striking distance of the unfortunate lechwe. We literally could drink tea and have cake while watching the whole thing.











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Chobe River August 2004


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Lio -raffe? at Stanleys Camp Botswana June 2002


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Small kill!

Kwara July 2006




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Three lionesses who had made a fresh buffalo kill in the Timbavati:

14584927345_8b01661ba1.jpgThe Kill 3 by naddan28, on Flickr

14605044923_7458de2768.jpgThe Kill 2 by naddan28, on Flickr


and an almost sheepish looking, "who me" lioness afterwards:

14584924635_c26430a06f.jpgLioness portrait by naddan28, on Flickr

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