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Shivang Mehta

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Shivang Mehta

The days of innocence are finally coming to an end in Ranthambhore. It was a quite morning around the lakes in Ranthambhore. Krishna (T19) and her young battalion of 3 cubs were scattered all over the lake area and there were no signs of the tigers for the first few hours in the morning. Scenarios can however change within seconds and Krishna sprung out of a dry river bed with the 3 cubs and they marched towards the hunting palace in the middle of the lakes.


One of the cubs separated from the family suddenly got distracted because of a cheetal fawn and sprung up in action sprinting towards the prey in dense foliage. The cub caught hold of the cheetal fawn but catching hold of the prey is just step 1 of being an experienced tiger in the wild. Bringing the prey down with that lethal blow is the key for a successful hunt. The cub definitely lacked

this experience as the canines are not yet effective to suffocate the prey.


The painful cries of the young fawn echoed in the forest as the young tiger cub failed to understand how to kill its first catch. The tiger then started ripping the fawn apart from its hinds and started consuming the morning meal alive.

Experience does matter to survive in the wild!




T19 cub chasing a cheetal fawn




The young cub catches hold of the cheetal fawn




The cub makes a repeat attempt to kill the cheetal




The hunt attempts continue




The cheetal is torn apart and is being eaten alive




A painful end but the cub finally manages to consume the kill

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~ @@Shivang Mehta


WELCOME to Safaritalk !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for joining and posting these images.

It's a joy to welcome your photography here.

Tom K.

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Poor fawn - but what an absolultety extraordinary series. Simply stunning, thank you!

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Fabulous images! I had a similar experience of a black bear and elk fawn in Yellowstone a few years ago.

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