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Perth, Western Australia, A walk around the River


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Today started off wet and drizzly so I thought I’d get out into it and take a sedate bike-ride around the foreshore. I live in Perth, Western Australia, not many international tourists make it this far, we are, more than anything a state rich in mineral resources, and have for many decades fed Chinas increasing demand for those resources particularly iron-ore. Enough of the history lesson, back to things more interesting. Perth sits on the Swan River, Im lucky enough to be a short skip away from that river, which is really an Estuary. It’s a healthy river system and is home to a surprising number of different species. Todays ride yielded just a sample of what’s living right here in the suburbs of Perth, well on its doorstep at least. Oh and it’s winter here now, but our winters aren’t really winter at all.


The day started out grey, cloudy, but kinda nice as there was no wind at all. The Pied Oystercatchers were resting on the foreshore.




A fence has been installed along the length of the foreshore to protect the River Sanctuary, it does a reasonable job at keeping dogs out and minimising disturbance to the waterbirds.

It also gives these Pink Galahs somewhere to sit.



We have approximately 30 Bottlenose Dolphins in the river system. Im a registered Dolphin Watcher, which really just means I monitor Dolphin sightings, logging times, numbers, behaviour etc. There are many volunteers involved, in collecting information for the Swan River Trust to help ultimately to ensure the survival of these precious Dolphins. 3 swam past today as I watched.











Sleeping Swans






Back on the bike, and the sun came out, like I said, we really don't have much winter here, most days end up like this. A Great Egret

was fishing in the shallows.





Bobtail are quite at home amongst the foreshore vegetation, these goannas are about a foot long and eat almost anything, bugs, fruit, vegetation, meat…I love these little slow moving guys.





A terrible photo of an Osprey, but at least I know they're around today



This little lone Black Fronted Dotterill was buzzing up and down catching bits of something to eat



Pelicans constantly ply these waters, often following the Dolphins who do the hard work of rounding up the schools of fish, they then go in for a lazy meal





There are a few pairs of Eastern Osprey locally, according to local "birders" this pair have not been too successful with raising a family, they have been building this nest a bit lately so fingers crossed for better luck this time.


To be continued..


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Lovely! Very beautiful area you live in. Love the Bobtail and the Galahs especially - what incredible colours. And good to see the Dolphins. More, please. :)

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Swan river is looking amazing! I love your neck of the wood especially driving to Margaret river area for the food and down to Pemberton.



That's a great pic of a goanna. I've never seen them but they look so dino-esque.

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What a lovely area. I need to get out and take pics as well...seeing ST'ers neighborhoods is a great way to see the world.


We had some of your black swans in our backyard river (near Chesapeake Bay) this year. Quite a sight they were; so beautiful. They may have been lost...we don't really know.


Never have been to Australia; as usual its on my list!

I think there are several ST'ers I could visit Ha Ha.


Thanks for sharing you day!

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Thanks @@michael-ibk, @@Kitsafari, nice to hear you enjoyed Margaret River, we are lucky enough to be able to get down there about once a month. @@graceland, I agree its nice to see where others live and who they share their "real estate" with. Cities are often home to many varied species. Being such a global forum, Im sure everyone has some nice "at home" photos and stories to share.


Anyway, on with my very slow cycle. Little Pied Cormorants love this dead Casuarina, they gather in increasing numbers as evening approaches. Maybe they also enjoy the multi-million dollar views!







A Pied Cormorant flying off, these birds are great divers and swimmers, Ive seen one come up and swallow a large fish whole. Gulp.



The Willy Wagtail is a tiny little bird that would fit into a drinking mug. It is though, a feisty little fellow. Ive seen them take on a Kite and a White Bellied Eagle, the Raptors ultimately flying of to escape the constant harassment.



A local volunteer group has revegetated the adjacent area, so it attracts a lot of Nectar feeding birds. This a White Cheeked Honey eater. These little birds travel in very noisy flocks, you can hear them coming when they sweep through your garden.





The Parrot bush provides nectar and feeds our big Cockatoos, none of which were around today, maybe another time.



A few peddles around the corner takes us to Alfed Cove which has the last remaining area of Samphire. Quote " this area is of world significance as a staging point for trans-equarorial migrating birds from as far north as the Arctic Circle". Local volunteer groups and government are doing their best to protect it from weeds, fertiliser runoff, human and dog disturbance, feral cats and foxes, the usual culprits. As its winter here, we'll have to wait til Summer for the Shore-birds to return on their annual visit.

Black Banded Stilts



White Faced Heron



This Egret landed gracefully as I satgallery_49445_1305_2629788.jpg




Dozens of Musk Ducks call the Cove home



Pelicans always flying overhead.



Pink Galah at its hollow in the Gum Tree



I figured I'd best head home as my 1 hour ride had turned into 3 hours :) Of course when I got home my little dog looked at me mournfully, so back to the river we both went for his walk. It was nearly sunset now, flocks of Little Black Cormorants, sometimes thousands, were doing their circling along the waters surface.



Perth is on the West Coast so we enjoy sunsets over the ocean, or in this case the river. All was quiet.


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What a great idea for a report - it is really enjoyable seeing where people live and what is in the locality. Thank you.

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Tom Kellie

~ @@elefromoz


That's an inspiring trip report!

I agree with @@TonyQ that it's a great idea for a trip report.

In a sense, anyone might do likewise about the nature in their local area/

Thank you!

Tom K.

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This brings back memories of our trip to Australia last year, although we didn't make it over to Perth. I remember loving the Willy Wagtails, such entertaining little birds!

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