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Bush dog

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An amazing scene. A hippo walking right through a pride of lions

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Very cute stuff. The cub jumping stands out for me! :)

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One more time, we tried vainly, on the plains, to find cheetahs. We found a giraffe, comfortable in our presence. We also passed near by the place where we had seen the crocodiles two days before. The spot was quiet.











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On the way back to the camp, we drove through the marsh where the pride was still there with the males this time.
















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The day after, we flew from Kichwa Tembo airstrip to Ukunda. Our last stop of this trip was Diani. When I’m travelling alone, I never go to the coast. My wife was with me this time and she loves the sea, where ever it is, and snorkeling. So, we stayed in a delightful small hotel with only a few rooms. The owners are charming people and the food is more than excellent. I warmly recommend this place. Here is the address of the website.






There is a lot of vegetation in the gardens and some wildlife.




This is the end of this report. I would like to thank all those who have shown interest for it as well as those who added one or more comments: @@Atravelynn, @@michael-ibk, @@madaboutcheetah, @@Marks, @@Safaridude, @@johnkok, @@offshorebirder, @@pault, @@Geoff, @@Big Andy, @@xelas.

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Thanks again, Mike ........ Lovely post #57 - stunning!!!

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That beach cottage look wonderful indeed, Mike. Love the monkey pictures, they show so much expression in your photos.


Thank you for another stellar report, they always are a pleasure.

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I just saw two cheetahs attempting to hunt oryx in Samburu. Their efforts were thwarted by herd which acted in unison. An oryx charged a cheetah, and it ran from it.

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Thanks for sharing another great report. I won't be forgetting those croc photos anytime soon.

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