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Photography you are willing to share!


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Hi All,


I have been reading many trip reports and revelling in all the beautiful pictures. In all honesty, some of the "amateur" photography I've seen up here has been keeping me from posting my own trip report.


So I'm just going to be rather forward and ask if any one of you would be willing to share their pictures. for entirely personal use of course - by which I mean, if permitted to make a print and hang it up but not to be shared on any social media and never to be "portrayed" as "mine".


I just read an amazing Kenya trip report with incredibly beautiful pictures, especially the amboselli pics with the elephants and Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. (I will update with the name of the OP).


But I would be eager for any pics out there! I've seen so many that I would consider very much up to the standard to frame on our wall! But many have the big trademark in the picture and aside from that I would never just take someone's picture without asking.


So if any of you other Africa addicts would be happy to share, I would be most grateful. (I'm still young, I might get better and if I do I would happily return the favour!). the only semi rare thing I have at the moment is a Pel's fishing owl (and not a terrific shot at that), but I've seen it come up on TR's before so I doubt it's as rare as our SA guide made us believe. If you already have pictures up, a link to your report and your agreement would do! (Though I just realised I don't know the size to upload and whether that is good enough to print - as I said, newbie :-s ).


Anyway, if you have some nice shots and you wouldn't mind if my office (especially my office, motivation is key folks!) or living room is decorated with them than please please do share!


I hope I'm not offending anyone with this post. I know there are a few professionals amongst us and I'm of course not asking any of them to give up their work for free.

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And as an example, the last report I read, which was on Kenya and included some gorgeous pictures (and which subsequently induced me to write this post) was by @@JulieM


Great job! Love your amboselli pictures!

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Thanks @@martywilddog! I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. I think they would be too small to print well, at the size they are posted here but if you wanted to pick a couple of your faves I can email/Dropbox or something them to you. I'm not a professional so don't need to earn income from my images, but others here will be different. Cheers.

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@@martywilddog I'm just wondering if it would be best to make deirect contact with the photographer of any image that particularly interested you? As JulieM mentions above the images posted here are too small to make good quality large prints.

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