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Show us your moose pictures......


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Since no one has started this thread yet, I guess I will have to do it myself :) . Please include where you took the image and other details like that.


I will get the ball rolling with this moose image from Denali National Park. We were taking the bus ride and we stumbled across this bull moose feeding in Wonder Lake right in front of Mt.Denali! Since Mt.Denali is North America's tallest peak, it was a very special encounter.


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~ @@vishal


As one who loves all shades of blue, your “moose and Denali” image deeply impressed me.

What colors!

That's such an outstanding composition.

I've lived out on the Alaskan peninsula many decades ago, but never realized that moose lived near Denali.

Thank you for posting such a lovely image.

Tom K.

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Thank you for your kind comments @@Tom Kellie. This was the only good encounter in Denali, other wildlife, especially predators were slim.

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Beautiful shot @@vishal. Wonderlake truly is a magnificent place and you captured a great photo there.


Moose happen to be one of my favorite mammals so here are a few more pictures.


Glacier Nature Park:




Here are a few from Yellowstone:








And finally, our best moose encounter to date. There were 9 moose feeding around this stream in Grand Teton:





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Great photos @@Atdahl. Seeing nine moose in one place is very impressive! How many of them were males?

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Great stuff, @@Atdahl , love the last one especially.

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Game Warden

@@Atdahl I love the way in images #1 and #5 how you place the subject in the landscape.

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@@vishal, Thanks. If I remember right only 2 were males and they were out of the picture to the right.


@@michael-ibk. Yes, that last encounter is a great memory for us.


@@Game Warden. Thanks. Slowly I am learning that animals in their environment makes for more interesting pictures. This is especially true since I only carry a 300mm lens most the time. It's just hard not to zoom in on the animal. Consider it a lesson that I am still working on... :)


@@elefromoz, I couldn't agree more. That park is breathtaking. And the landing into Jackson Hole airport has to be one of the most picturesque approaches anywhere.

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@@Atdahl @@elefromoz Grand Teton is indeed a magical place. When we went, there was a big bull moose wallowing in a pond right outside the visitor center.


Here is a moose shot from Kincaid Park in anchorage. It is actually a good place to see moose. We saw a cow and her calf here, but the calf stayed hidden in the long grass so I could not photograph her.



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Loving all these moose photos! When my family and I were in Alaska we looked everywhere but didn't find a moose in the wild, though we did get to see them at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. And we visited the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone ten years ago, one of my favorite trips ever, We did see a 10-point moose on the side of the road in Wyoming near Jackson and I have a not very good photo somewhere - I have it in a photo book I made digitally but can't find the image elsewhere - if I do, I will post it.

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Moose at the shore of the frozen Hudson Bay, Manitoba, Canada. Taken in November 2019.



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Petter Sverke

Moose or Elk as it's called in Europe. Not to be confused with the Wapiti that is called an Elk in North America.


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