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Dusky Leaf Monkeys


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Also known as Spectacled Langurs.


Photographed on Langkawi, Malaysia.


25080888023_ae0351112e_o.jpg2R4C9121 by Whyone, on Flickr


25080888233_b1b9a9f42e_o.jpg2R4C9124 by Whyone, on Flickr


25586458732_909452ba45_o.jpg2R4C9061 by Whyone, on Flickr


25080887473_4208a00328_o.jpg2R4C9070 by Whyone, on Flickr


Slowly getting to grips with photographing darkly coloured, backlit animals in poor light, but not there yet.

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you are making a great case for a trip to langkawi right now!

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you are making a great case for a trip to langkawi right now!

I was just thinking that!


Wonderful photos

As you are virtually giving us a trip report in installments (in this and other threads) :) could you give us a few practical details of how you got to see all of these marvellous creatures?

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Hi @@TonyQ - yes of course.


I didn't (and still dont!)really consider this a wildlife trip hence the absence of formal report.

First and foremost, our visit to the Andeman on Langkawi was intended to be for peace, quiet and rest after 6 weeks solid work in KL. However, as I know I am rubbish at just relaxing, I did select somewhere which I thought would have some wildlife interest. The Andeman is a very nice, luxurious hotel which happens to be in a very beautiful and largely unspoilt location. Most of the people staying there don't give a damn about the wildlife so don't expect to be amongst kindred spirits as you would most likely be, for example, on an African safari.

Prime 'Colugo rooms' are in the South Wing, and on the third floor - we stayed in 312 which was great. I believe these are described as 'deluxe jungle view' rooms and they are the cheapest in the resort.

The hotel run two (free) gentle nature walks - morning and evening. Nothing spectacular, but good for orientating yourself. The guide is well worth chatting to - I got the impression he was quite pleased to speak to people with more than just a passing interest in the natural environment. He was able to provide me with details of a snake expert on the island who would have been happy to take me out and about snake hunting (I didn't take up this opportunity, but will most certainly on a future visit). He is also able to arrange guided trips out and about on the island to attempt to see whatever you are interested in. On this occasion (just a 4 night stay) I did just restrict myself to wandering about unguided in the hotels extensive grounds - which include a large area of primary rainforest. Within these grounds we saw Macaques (generally running amok - those who seriously mis-behave get caught, caged and put into exile on 'naughty monkey island'!), at least two troops(?) of Dusky Leaf Monkeys, monitor lizards, flying lizards, flying snakes, flying squirrels, giant black squirrels, sunda squirrels, tokay geckos, wild pigs, colugos (of course!) and a plethora of birds - wonderful birds!

I'll post a few more pictures when I get a mo, but hope this helps a little.

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