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Colugo's (Flying Lemur's). Langkawi.


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The absolute highlight of my recent trip to Malaysia was seeing Colugo's flying (actually, gliding) - they are truly beautiful, weird and wonderful, and right up there in my 'top 5 favourite animals I have seen' list.


Whilst we watched dozens of flights, I didn't even attempt to photograph them. Being nocturnal, it would have involved using a flash, and I didn't want to risk dazzling them and causing a landing miscalculation!


The mothers carrying young certainly lost an awful lot more height on their glides than those without the additional weight.


Roost near our hotel room (~50' up)

25681893376_0dcc8be9eb_o.jpg2R4C9152 by Whyone, on Flickr


Mum and youngster (no idea at all what a young Colugo is called! Anyone?)

25077521374_731af176d0_o.jpg2R4C8980 by Whyone, on Flickr


25707939355_625252bf77_o.jpg2R4C9183 by Whyone, on Flickr


25586905482_e3c75d3f70_o.jpg2R4C9088 by Whyone, on Flickr


25707939585_9379a79257_o.jpg2R4C9136 by Whyone, on Flickr

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Fantastic shots! I saw one in borneo but nowhere near as well as this!! Love the baby poking out from under mum!

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What wonderful photos - ssing the baby poke its head out like that is priceless.

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Peter Connan

What beautiful creatures! Would love to see them fly.

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Excellent sighting and images.

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@@Whyone?, awesome encounter. It's so cool that you got to see some. I had never even heard of this animal until I watched Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan (It's a decent show on the Travel Channel in case anyone is interested).

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