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Patty's Year


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Thanks @@TonyQ @@Atdahl & @@elefromoz!


I plan to do a report on the Glacier portion. Not sure how much else I'll include since a lot of it was non-wildlife related but I may include a few scenery shots from other locations.

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This morning's walk at river beach produced two new species.


144) Spotted sandpiper


145) Sanderling


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Here are my final birds of 2016 from December. I've really enjoyed participating and seeing everyone else's Big Years! And now I don't have to call my local birds brown bird, black bird, olive bird... :P


146) Golden-crowned sparrow, Carmel River State Beach



147) Yellow-rumped warbler, Palo Corona



148) Common yellowthroat, Point Lobos



149) Townsend's warbler, Point Lobos



150) Nuttall's woodpecker, Point Lobos



151) Ruby-crowned kinglet, Point Lobos



152) Least sandpiper (the smallest one), Moss Landing



153) Western grebe, Moss Landing



154) Bonaparte's gull, Elkhorn Slough



155) Horned grebe, Elkhorn Slough



156) Greater scaup (and a sneaky bufflehead), Moss Landing



157) Say's phoebe, Carmel River State Beach



158) Hutton's vireo, Palo Corona



159) Chestnut-backed chickadee, Frog Pond Wetland Preserve



160) Common goldeneye, Moss Landing


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I have really enjoyed following your Big Year. It has been a real pleasure seeing your local birds and I have really enjoyed your photos.

Some very nice birds to finish the year, and a very good total.

I hope you will be taking part in 2017!

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I second what Tony said - I know nothing about American birds, so this thread was very educational for me, and I enjoyed your pictures very much. Hopefully see you in the Big Year 2017! :)

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I also enjoyed this a lot @@Patty and appreciate the effort it took to post this. @@TonyQ and @@michael-ibk I have also enjoyed you're big years as well but I have fallen so far behind in those as trip reports seem to be taking all my time, my apologies I will try to get caught up some day!

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Beautiful thread thank you @@Patty.


I also have enjoyed learning about American birds.

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Thanks for showing us birds of North America, @@Patty . And please do the same also in 2017.

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Nice finish Patty. It was fun following your thread.

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Dave Williams

Great thread, love the scenes thrown in to give an idea of locations etc. Very envious of Whaler's Cave too. I was lucky enough to visit Carmel in 1984 when I was over for the Olympics and I have been promising myself and some distant relatives I will return soon. 31 years later I still haven't made it!

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@@Patty, an nice collection to finish with. I really wish I'd been more interested in Birds all those years ago, I was in Carmel about a decade ago, I'd never have thought there was so much variety, from Waders to Woodpeckers.

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