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Namibia in June


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Hi all, I've been lurking for quite a while, but now we're a couple months out, I wonder if you can help? We're self-driving a Hilux for 3 weeks in June, and would like to see a bit more than 'the usual'. We've been before, but it was a rushed trip on the back of a truck with a load of other people (Guerba), so we didn't really get a 'proper' look. I was born in Tsumeb, but left at about 18 months old, and this will be my first decent trip 'home'.


Our itinerary:


  • Windhoek (1 night)
  • Sesriem campsite (2 nights)
  • Swakopmund (2 nights)
  • Spitzkoppe campsite (2 nights)
  • Madisa campsite (2 nights)
  • Grootberg lodge (2 nights)
  • Opuwo country lodge (1 night)
  • Epupa camp (2 nights)
  • Hobatere lodge (1 night)
  • Okaukuejo camp (2 nights)
  • Halali camp (1 night)
  • Tsumeb (2 nights)
  • Windhoek (1 night)

We have tried to be a bit leisurely, with some quite short hops between stops, particularly in Damaraland/Kaokoveld areas, so I'm hoping you people may be able to recommend any of the following: 'don't miss' activities, curious diversions, places to linger, photo-opportunities, back-road routes (bearing in mind we are a lone 4x4).

Things we love - wildlife, rocks, desert, quiet, dark skies, eating (tips for campsite cooking much appreciated - we live in Scotland, where outdoor eating almost never happens....), taking pictures. Thank you in advance for anything you can offer. I promise to repay with photos. Lots, and lots, of photos. :-)




Namibia 6:16.tiff

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Looks like a lovely trip! Very jealous of the time you've planned up north. It's probably already on your radar, but I've greatly enjoyed the couple times I've gone to see the 'White Lady' paintings on Brandberg. You can pick up a guide for very little money at the trail head, it's a nice couple hour walk and the guides are usually quite good. You can even sometimes catch a bit of wildlife if you go early in the morning. You can also hire a guide at the entry gate at Spitzkoppe to take you to some of the rock art around there (the nicest is a large rhino), though most of it is not as well preserved but it's still nice to see and a lovely walk (they currently want people to only visit the rock art with guides in oder to protect it). I believe there's still a guy in Swakupmund who you can hire to meet you in Spitzkoppe with a telescope to lead you on a star gazing tour but I can't find any contact info for him. I'm sure if he's still doing it you could find out more at any of the adventure type booking places in Swakupmund. I've never been able to time it right, but on the 1st Friday of every month it's possible to take a tour of the Rossing Uranium mine outside of Swakupmund - http://www.rossing.com/visit_mine.htm Apparently it's fascinating. If it interests you and you manage to go please report back.


As for food, make sure you stock up before you enter Etosha as there's very little for sale in the park's shops.

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Thanks Ellen - we miss the mine tour, but will see if we can catch a star-guide - sounds like fun. Re: Etosha, thanks again - I need to draw up a vittaling schedule...

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Golden Dune


You have a good itinerary already, i think you should stick to it for now when you do make another trip in the future you can make a few detours. But most people who travel the routes you mentioned on the itinerary have only good reviews about their trip.

If you need more information, let me know and i will help however i can. Pleasant trip!

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