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Guide to Birds of Kenya


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I have tried to get a bird guide for Kenya which I could upload to my IPAD but unless I have missed something there is nothing on offer. Very frustrating.

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~ @@samburumags


I wonder if @@armchair bushman might be able to assist you.

When I had lunch with him at the Emakoko in July, 2015, he may have mentioned just such an application.

It would be great if such a Kenya bird field guide might be available for your upcoming return safari.

I hope so! I was so glad to read that your husband's physician has cleared him for overseas travel.

Tom K.

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Hi @@samburumags Good to hear you are planning a return trip to Africa at last.


I think there was a thread about Bird ID ebooks, including East Africa a few months ago.


Will see if I can locate the thread for you.... but can't do it just now.

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@@samburumags I don't think that Zimmerman & Turner's Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanz is available as an ebook yet, but Stevenson and Fanshawe's Birds of East Africa is, I have the eGuide to the Birds of East Africa on my IPad I bought it from the iTunes store but you can get it from other places, so you should have no trouble getting it if it's what you're looking for.

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armchair bushman

@@samburumags Agreed, as above, look for "eGuide To the Birds of East Africa" on iTunes store. The logo is two Red and Yellow Barbets with a white background. The app has some great features: you can compare similar birds on the same screen, you can listen to calls, etc.


Otherwise, get the paperback version of the same (by Terry Stevenson and John Fanshawe).


If you want checklists only, try "eBird". You can also buy multiple different bird checklists from the Nature Kenya office at the Nairobi National Museum.

If you want to help Nature Kenya and the University of Cape Town with mapping bird species for research and future conservation efforts, please download the "Birdlasser Kenya" app - the app version of the Kenya Bird Map website.

@@offshorebirder you may be interested to try the new Birdlasser Kenya app after our discussion about Kenya Bird Map.


I hope this is helpful.

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@@samburumags - to make it even easier:


If you use your iPad to go to the following web page, and click on the "View in iTunes" button, that will bring up the iTunes app page for the Birds of E. Africa App. There you can click the "Buy" button to purchase and install the app on your iPad.



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