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I came to know about this sanctuary in 2005, when I had gone to Guwahati – the Capitol of State of Assam to attend a marriage. But could not visit the sanctuary as it was closed on account of rainy season. During my visit to Dudhwa National Park in 2010, I gathered that the seed population of one horned Rhinoceros at Dudhwa originated from Pobitora wildlife sanctuary in 1984. It was in March - April 1984 that 5 rhinoceros were trans-located to south Sonaripur Range in Dudhwa from Pobitora.






This year I got an opportunity to visit Pobitora wildlife Sanctuary on 18th may 2016. No doubt the park was closed for the tourist from 1st of May, but they allowed me to visit being an avid wildlife enthusiast. I was accompanied by a forest guard. From the road side we could see a number of rhinoceros grazing in the grassland. There were two mothers with their calves. A number of wild buffalos were too grazing as well as standing in deep water. One could only see their large horns above the water surface.



Pobitora is famous for great Indian One horned Rhinoceros. There are about 120 rhinos at present, it was recently in news as a number of rhinoceros were trans-located to Manas National Park in Assam. Other animals found in this park are leopard. Wild boar, wild buffalo, barking deer to name a few. It is also a home to more than 200 migratory birds during winters as well as reptiles. It is an important birding area.




Although official area is about 38 Sq. Kms, but rhino habitat is just confined to 16 Sq. Kms. On account of rains during the last one month the rhinos had moved away from the road. At a time we could see about 12 of them from the road side in the big area before us.






Pobitora is hardly 50 Kms from Guwahati. This is the nearest place where one can see rhinos in its natural habitat. It takes about one hour from the city. The route from Guwahati has scenic beauty and is also full of greenery. During my round in the Inspection bungalow, I could capture black hooded golden oriole in flight. A broad tailed black drongo also showed its colors. A spotted dove was seen in courtship and gave fantastic shots. The trip was hardly for a few hours but it was a memorable one. It is worth visiting, during the winters; when a large number of migratory birds make a transit home for a few months.

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@@Vinod Goel

hank you for posting this - it is a reserve I have never heard of. It is very green at the time of your visit.

Lovely photos!

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Very interesting. I too had not heard of Pobitora. Thank you

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@@Vinod Goel, 120 Rhino in 16sq km is dense indeed. I really appreciate that you and others here take time to highlight Indias lesser known, but always magnificent, Parks.

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Many thanks for appreciation. The park was declared a forest reserve in 1971 and the same was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1987. The park is green as rains start early in this part of the country.

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thanks for taking time to know about lesser known parks.This park came into prominence in the year 1984 when single horn rhinoceros were translocated for the first time in India. Again in 2008 and 2010 rhinos were translocated to Manas national park in Assam. I would advise you to visit next time in winters as this park is also home for many migratory birds.

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Thanks for going through the contents.I have made mission to bring into the public domain the parks which have potential and obscured by the well visited parks.Pobitora close to Guwahati is one of them .

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It looks like a Park I should put on my list for the next visit so thanks for the introduction.

I am a bit confused by your 'flycatcher' photo and think your "Broad-tailed Drongo" is actually Spangled.

Beautiful photos of a beautiful park.

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