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Lovely excursion to the Giraffe Center Nairobi


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I have to say that last Saturday on a beautiful sunny day, I went to The Giraffe Center in Nairobi. I have to say that even after 9 safaris including one that lasted 2 months, I was pleasantly surprised.I just loved seeing those Rothschild's giraffes for the first time.One never tires of watching a giraffe walk because of their extraordinary gait.All the visitors both foreigners and Kenyans were having an exceptional time feeding and petting the giraffes. It was also quite educational. I highly recommend that everybody visit the Giraffe Center no matter how many safaris you've been on.

























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I hope that everyone noticed that since my last safari in February I've lost a lot of weight. I must say that since I slimmed down, I feel much better. Im planning to take other excursions to Elephant & Rhino Orphanage, Hells Gate,Karura Forest,Nairobi National Park, Naivasha, Nakuru and Lake Bogoria. These are all outstanding places for bird watching.

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Amazing what loosing a bit of weight can do to how you feel. Well done.


I visited Giraffe Manor a few years back. Good to hear it is still going.


Sounds like you have a quite a few local day/weekend trips planned for the coming months.

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@@optig great job and glad to hear you feel better with the weight loss.


i'm really envious of your proximity to the bush but look forward to hearing about your brief sojourns to all the spots!


The giraffes look incredibly friendly.

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@@wilddog @@Kitsafari I appreciate your kind wishes. I'm looking forward to getting to know you both better.

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Thank you for this report. I'm working this into our last day in Nairobi before we fly home (along with a return to Sheldricks!).

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Typing this response from the Giraffe Manor....we went to the Giraffe center about 2 hours ago. Very nice tour and saw all the art work from the local students.


I do wonder how good it is for the Giraffes to eat pellets all day....

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