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Another an unexpectedly delightful excursion in Nairobi


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This Saturday I went to the David Sheldrick Elephant and Rhino Orphanage I really enjoyed it despite the fact that it was much more crowded than the Giraffe Center. Please keep in mind that it is open to the general public between 11 and 12 during the day when the 27 orphans are fed. I found the baby elephants to be absolutely adorable and really wish that my niece and nephew who are 10 and 6 could have been there because they could have really enjoyed it. I found it informative and loved being outside on a warm sunny day. I have to say though I wish there had been more Kenyans in the crowds visiting the elephants.

Here are some of the photos:





















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Thank you for sharing @@optig this indeed looks like a great way to get close to elephants which hopefully will be reintroduced to the wild. Did you see any rhino?

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@@optig weren't the orphan elephants just delightful? When I was there, a school had arranged a bus load of young Kenyan students to watch and learn about the orphanage. So in mind of what you said, there are prob more such excursions. Perhaps more Kenyan adults could be encouraged to attend as well!

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When I was there, a few local school groups came, lots of little ones who got priority seating right along the ropeline.


It is a wonderful experience, and Edwin the head keeper, did an excellent job introducing the elephants and explaining what the reintroduction program is like.


Since my visit in February, two of my foster elephants have graduated from the nursery where this is out to Umani Springs, once step closer to the wild!

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armchair bushman


Was this your first trip to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage?

Normally, there are at least 2 bus-loads of Kenyan school children there to learn about elephants, poaching, etc. It's always very heartening to see local Kenyans engaging in these activities.

The same is true at the Giraffe Centre.

Glad you enjoyed it. The elephants are always a joy to be around. The more you visit, the more you can start to differentiate personalities. Some are shy, some are boisterous, some are naughty. The next stop for you, methinks, is the station at Ithumba (Tsavo), where the older elephants begin to join wild orphan herds. You will have had to adopt an elephant to be invited to visit Ithumba. I would highly recommend it.

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@@armchair bushman this was my first visit to the Elephant Orphanage. @@PT123 no I didn't see any rhino. @@Kitsafari the orphans were incredibly cute I will undoubtedly make more trips there and I wish that more Kenyan adults would visit.

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@@PT123 the Sheldrick has successfully reintroduce loads of baby elephants back into the wild, in that the wild elephant groups socialise and then integrate the orphans into their groups The sheldrick website says more than 150 elephants have been accepted into the wild. in fact, some of these orphans return to the orphanage to show off their newborn babies.


on rhinos - there is one rhino left at the nairobi orphanage - Maxwell which can't be released back into the wild because he's blind. however another rhino Solio has gone back into the wild and occasionally returns to visit Maxwell.

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