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A West Australian Spring Bouquet


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Last weekend we had a few spare days so we went in search of Spring Wildflowers on a short break . We decided to head about four hours north of Perth, with the coastal town of Dongara as our base for two nights. Heres a small sample of what we found.


Our first stop was Badgingarra, about two hours north. We took the “Vern Westbrook Walk”, a short, less than 4km, walk through “the bush”. Its amazing how quickly all the stresses of city life fall away once you leave all that stuff behind. Quickly it all becomes about the Flowers, and the Birds, and other friendly travellers waving as they drive past.gallery_49445_1597_4842776.jpg


Blushing Spider Orchid













A Wedgetail Eagle nest, currently vacant



Carnaby Cockatoos coming into roost





The next day we headed east of Dongara toward Mingenew and Coalseam National Park. We stopped at a small cemety en-route, the headstones, as always, told sad stories of past lives and much harder times.



We arrived at Coalseam, the flies were too friendly, the visiting European tourists shooing frantically. Yellow was the colour of the day here.







Red-Capped Robin



And Juv, like its parent, not at all afraid of the campers, caravans and tourists. I think they must pick up quite a few yummy crumbs here



The Wedgetails always riding the thermals overhead



From there we continued further east to Morowa, a quick trip to the Visitor Centre and the friendly volunteer told us we’d see some nice “Pink” a few kilometers out of town,







Nankeen Kestrel



Our accommodation was a little cabin on the beachfront in the Dongara Holiday Park. About $100Au per night got us a clean cabin, comfortable bed, ensuite and kitchenette. It was perfect for this short trip.





Winter has really dragged on here this year, our coldest and wettest in 20+ years, so the beach was uninviting



The following morning we headed down the road a little, Id seen the Osprey tower, occupied, from our cabin, and was keen to check it out.



Spring is in the air, so time for home repair and touchups



This one flew down to survey the beach before returning with a large piece of kelp to add to the decor









This pair of Kestrels were sitting on the roof of a house in a new housing estate. I wondered if all the grassy vacant blocks kept them well fed with mice and small reptiles.



We left town and turned East again then South homerward. We pulled into a small park where I enjoyed watching this Ringneck. As I was watching, I heard a faint chirping from within the tree, then the bird disappeared into its hollow to tend the chicks.







These little lizards were sunning on the road, my husband was very concerned for their welfare and tried to shoo them off the road by gently poking with his key, nothing, frozen solid, suddenly up and bolted, straight between my feet, lightning fast, so quick I didn’t even have time to shriek.



Finally the “prize” in Wildflowers, the Wreath Flower. Rare and highly sought by enthusiasts, these attractive flowers are hard to find, growing only in disturbed ground, in this case a gravel pit.





And our little "mini-break" had come to an end

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Off the beaten track, but so interesting! I really enjoyed this mini-report.

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@@elefromoz what a wealth of feathers and flowers you found in such a short time. The wreath flowers are very unusual - I've never seen anything like that before.


Beautiful ospreys, robins, Ringneck and the yellows and pinks of course.

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Great report @@elefromoz - I especially liked the photo of the Blushing Spider Orchid!


And some really great wildflower and bird photos too.

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Beautiful report @elemoz - am going to have to make my next trip to WA to coincide with the wildflowers.


Wasn't aware of either the Carnaby Cockatoos or the wreath flowers - there's always more to learn and lookup.

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@@Bush dog, thanks, its nice to escape close to home sometimes. @@Treepol, thanks, Im enjoying your further North travels at the moment.Nice to enjoy our own back yard between Africa trips. @@offshorebirder, thanks, the Spider Orchids are beauties, only around for a few short weeks each year. @@Caracal, I think its worth the trip "west" for the Wildflowers, theres a number of good sites to research driving routes and to follow the bloom dates, generally the season goes North to south as Spring advances.

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