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A Brief Return To Kafue And Livingstone


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@@Caracal - I have been gone for too long from ST, and I'd forgotten how much I've always enjoyed reading your reports - there's such a personal quality to your writing that comes from your long familiarity with the Kafue (and Waterberry) and your interest in all things. It's feels rather like reading a memoir and not a report.


It is truly heartening to see such a visible resurgence of eles and wildlife in general. @@SafariChick, do you agree that there seems to be a lot more wildlife in central Kafue than what we saw just a couple of years ago? Beautiful sable. Wonderful roan. I am running out of adjectives :) I think this is one of the most compelling parks of Africa and really hope this upswing is just the beginning...

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thank you for sharing your trip - i thoroughly enjoyed it. it makes me wistful thinking of how much i miss the bush already. but it sure is encouraging to hear that wildlife is returning aplenty, which is a good sign that they feel safe and undisturbed.

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@@marg - Thanks a lot - and yes for me the local people, street scenes, markets etc add another dimension.


@@ZaminOz - Many thanks - so glad you enjoyed it and I find it really pleasing to think that my TR might have triggered some special memories for you.


@@KaingU Lodge - Thanks - I'm not alone in saying Kaingu is a special place. I hope there is a next time and in the meantime now and again I'm going to pester you to find out the latest on that lion troika.


@@panamaleo - yes great memories and looking forward to more shared ones in the future.


@@Sangeeta - Thanks for your kind words. Actually I'm not really at ease typing on the computer, sending emails and the like - much easier for me to sit down and handwrite letters which I do to my sister and brother

inEngland (though not as often as I should!).

Long may the Kafue upswing continue.


@@Kitsafari - Glad you enjoyed it - I'm sure the time will pass quickly till you're back in the bush. When in the bush I find the days seem longer - think it's to do with heightened senses and awareness and a different rhythm

of life

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@@Sangeeta I do agree that there does seem to be more wildlife than we saw - though it also seemed that we were there a little late in the season, it being November, whereas @@Caracal was there in September. Lovely trip report - thank you!!

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Really enjoyed this report @@Caracal and love the local pictures of life that you provided. Those are always some of my favourite pictures when I get home.

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Thanks a lot @@dlo - and pleasing to know that you also find that seeing some local life adds immeasurably to the safari experience.


However I'm sorry to see experiencing local life on safari has for you recently included a hospital visit.


I trust that you've now fully recovered and I'm looking forward to more of your report.

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