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Really enjoying this TR @@KaingU Lodge - and wonderful to see that beautiful photo of the large herd of elephants in the setting sun. When I was in Kapinga in 2007 I saw a small herd that was very nervous plus some lone bulls.


Don't recall seeing a rosey-throated longclaw unfortunately but I recall platoons of openbilled storks and other birds on the plains.


Lovely shot of the amorous lion couple striding together but then there are many lovely shots throughout Gil.

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Thanks for pictures of development of Plains camp. I was there 5 years ago, thinking now that I have to return just to enjoy the Mosi on the platform. Truly amazing site they've got.

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Apologies! Now where were we? Oh yeah, lions....

Anyway we decide to move on and leave the lions to it. To be honest I am quite glad that we (the four of us) are alone in the vehicle as the sounds of astonishment and amazement from Julia's mum and friend are not very 'cool'. I am really enjoying the reactions but I suspect that some others might not!


We debate where to head next, I am pretty keen to head down the channel to the area known as 'paradise', but it is a long way down there. Powell asks the ladies if there is anything they would really like to see and the reply is Zebra, so he recommends we head off to the big open area between Kapinga island and the edge of the plains. We get down there and it is typical Busanga zebra - flighty and long distance viewing! No problem for us - I am just impressed that Powell called it so well in knowing pretty certainly where they would be.


29855156034_11c997af73_k.jpguntitled shoot-19043.jpg by G Dickson, on Flickr


We decide that this would be a good place for a cup of coffee. Certainly a safe place as we can see about 5km in every direction!

Powell gets a good questioning about his background from the ladies over a coffee. He also gets questioned heavily on gestation periods and other stuff afterwards and I am impressed by his knowledge. But Mukambi have a great guiding team overall and I hope he sticks with them as he is a solid guy.


29855179694_81891c6236_k.jpguntitled shoot-19091.jpg by G Dickson, on Flickr


We start to head back to camp. The heat is REALLY building now. While the plains are cool at night and dawn and dusk there is no mercy in the late morning. As we get around the north west corner of Kapinga island we run into some wildebeest with young.


29902495924_f2c6cb05a1_k.jpguntitled shoot-19103.jpg by G Dickson, on Flickr


And then a few seconds later a solitary Sable bull. Nice. although he is not going to hang around to have his photo taken and by now the heat shimmer is strong.


29898506013_611b5dd433_k.jpguntitled shoot-19123.jpg by G Dickson, on Flickr


So its back to camp and a brunch. A totally brilliant Busanga beef pie! Mark the chef does a great job at the plains camp that is for sure. Then its a cold (well, not really cold as nothing is cold at the moment) shower and a siesta. This combination of lunch, relaxation and an untroubled snooze leads me to comment that I could really get used to being a guest.


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