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I awoke to the beautiful song of the black headed Oriole which was perched in the tree behind my tent.post-50530-0-40589300-1479309425_thumb.jpg

Over the next seven days Ol pejeta showed me just how beautiful she was. One of my favourite places is the marsh area,

and on the way there we came across three of Ol Pejeta' stars.post-50530-0-09245600-1479309534_thumb.jpg This was, happily, to be a daily occurrence.

A Eurasian Rollerwas added to my growing bird list, and the marsh added several more.post-50530-0-44653200-1479309590_thumb.jpg

There was a small family of Elephants feeding along the marshes edge while the Defassa Waterbuck rested among the sweet grasses.post-50530-0-69289000-1479310559_thumb.jpg

Coming across twenty Rothschild Giraffe is always a joy. Two were necking, testing each others strength, post-50530-0-08727000-1479311187_thumb.jpg, post-50530-0-17948300-1479311248_thumb.jpg and a little way off was a lone Grevy Zebra resting.

Driving along a track which ran parallel with the airstrip we saw the amazing sight of forty plus Elephant, all ages, running across at speed, I think they must have felt vulnerable crossing such a wide barren space. On reaching the other side they melted into the thick bush. Vivian said they would be making their way down to the river, so off we went to await their arrival. They arrived some time later, but in two separate herds. The first crossed the riverpost-50530-0-26937800-1479311602_thumb.jpg

and the second sheltered in the woods near by.post-50530-0-35486600-1479311646_thumb.jpg

Two males who had been following the them went into the river, one to drink & the other for a mud bath.post-50530-0-62865200-1479311687_thumb.jpgpost-50530-0-73249600-1479311728_thumb.jpg

On another day when Vivian had stopped to talk to another ranger, and I am glad she did, he told her "there were two big male Lions up ahead". They were a little way off of the road in light bush, but the ranger gave us permission to go off road for a short time to get some photo's.post-50530-0-87208800-1479312148_thumb.jpgpost-50530-0-81975300-1479312186_thumb.jpgpost-50530-0-52647000-1479312229_thumb.jpg

One morning there was a lot of excitement in camp. News had come through that a poacher, or maybe two, had been caught. It was so good to see how personal everyone took poaching. The staffs joy at the news could be seen on all their smiling faces. It was a very happy camp that day.post-50530-0-08577400-1479312753_thumb.jpg

Roll on next march.

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lovely trip report, thank you.

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Poachers caught mean "three of Ol Pejeta' stars" are safer. Beautiful photo of the 3.


Staff's reaction to the poacher news=priceless!

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