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Kabini to Ranthambore in a day ......... My Christmas getaway to make it a Jungle Book 2016!


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It was a brutal schedule ....... getting from Kabini to Ranthambore with all day of travel - but, well worth the effort. I loved the diversity of Ranthambore in terms of the stunning scenery - We covered zones 1-5 with the all day pass and loved every minute of it.


Here's a few images from both parks. I can call it my Jungle book year 2016 - a year where i was able to photograph Bagheera, Baloo and Sher Khan!!! ;)













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Gorgeous series Hari. Well worth the effort of travel. Thanks for sharing.

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Happy New Year Hari

Fantastic Pictures.

Any Pictures of Tigers at the Castle in Ranthambhore :rolleyes:

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The brutal schedules was a distant memory when you observed these riches!

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HAppy new year, guys ..... Thamks a lot!


MIchael, alas no Tigers in ruins ..... in fact, not even with the ruins in the BG.

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Wonderful stuff Hari! Glad you had a great day at Ranthambore. So I guess you felt the full-day pass was well worth it!


Happy New Year!

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Sorry for the typos from the iPhone ......


Happy New Year!!!


@@janzin - yes, was well worth it ...... I still went back to the lodge for a short break, but, the best part of the all-day pass is the unlimited zone access. Did one day, without go back for a break and it was exhausting....... far more so, than all day drives in Africa. So, the following days opted to take a break. It's still a quirky process where there are some routes that have gates that will need a key to unlock; to have access from zone to zone ....... So, you'd need one of the forest guards along in the car.

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Typo - Going

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Magical stuff. :) Got all the storybook characters!

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Thanks a lot for the kind comments ...... Next lot of photos.











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