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Bera - The leopard country of India!

Overland Expeditions India

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Overland Expeditions India

Bera is a small village in Rajasthan close to Udaipur city(Approx. 135 km )surrounded by open forests, hillocks, rocky areas where leopards roam free. Along it flows the Jawai river with the Jawai Dam built on it. This beautiful dam is home of some of the mugger crocodiles you will ever see and lots of migratory birds like flamingos, pelicans, bar headed geese, ruddy shell duck, common teal, Northern pintail duck,ruff, black winged stilt, wagtails, northern shovelers, Gadwall, sandpipers and many more . Bera is not a part of any National Park or sanctuary, it is just a forested land as I was told by the person when I was there on my recent trip because earlier i used to think that its a private land of someone. Since this place is not very known that ispost-51005-0-45319000-1491562731_thumb.jpg why the safaris are very quite and peaceful here, you will not see any maddening crown here except saturday and sunday ( that is also rare)


Over 6 safaris during my stay in Bera, I was fortunate to spot to spot leopard in each safaris.

1st Drive - Male leopard sitting on the roack first then after getting dark it came down for hunt

2nd drive - Female with 2 little cubs coming down in the bushes from top of the cliff and a male leopard sitting on same rock where we had seen oneday before

3rd Drive - Mother with cubs together climbing the hill

4 drive - Again we saw male leopard sitting on the rock and mother with cubs sitting far from male on one of the rocks

5th Drive - One bold Male leopard came down from the hill and sat down in front of our jeep

6th Drive - Just misses mating pair but then later on found both together but they were not mating by that time.


I hope you will enjoy the pictures and you can mail me at info@overlandingindia.com if you want to know more about Bera.











We were searching for leopard among those rocks where they hide themselves




Even the locals are also very expert to search leopards



Perfect habitat of leopard and this is the place where we come everytime in our safari for leopards viewing and leopard come out and sit on one of the rocks.








John is also calmly waiting for leopard to come out



Panorama shot of Bera habitat to give you better idea about this place



how wildlife and human beings are coexisting with each other



Jawai dam



Mugger crocodile in dam but it was quite far from the reach of my camera lens



Flock of Bar headed geese



Northern pintail duck at Jawai dam



Greater flamingo at Jawai dam



Greater flamingo at Jawai dam




White cheeked bulbul






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