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As I said in my trip report "BACK HOME, OL PEJETA" the birdlife on the conservancy and

especially around the camp at Sweetwaters was amazing.

post-50530-0-95923900-1491755742_thumb.jpg post-50530-0-81654600-1491755997_thumb.jpgCardinal & Grey woodpeckers.

While one cannot photograph every bird, though I tried my best, post-50530-0-61004900-1491755711_thumb.jpg Sulphur breasted Bushshrike

there were plenty of opportunities to capture a lot of the wonderful sighting I saw.post-50530-0-69637600-1491755727_thumb.jpg White bellied Bustards post-50530-0-41290400-1491755750_thumb.jpg Red billed tea post-50530-0-55332200-1491755755_thumb.jpgyellow billed Duck.

There were a lot of migrants, trans African as well as European around which added to the variety of birds I saw.post-50530-0-89946000-1491756892_thumb.jpg Northern Wheatear

post-50530-0-51915600-1491755736_thumb.jpg Brimstone Canary

And a regular sighting of raptors.post-50530-0-68333300-1491755762_thumb.jpg Jv Black chested snake Eagle.post-50530-0-60383900-1491757201_thumb.jpg African Fish Eagle

post-50530-0-48533200-1491757218_thumb.jpg Martial Eagle post-50530-0-69103300-1491757220_thumb.jpg Augur Buzzard.

Here are a few more. post-50530-0-39773000-1491756694_thumb.jpgCrowned Hornbill. post-50530-0-44977700-1491757532_thumb.jpg Greater blue-eard Starling. post-50530-0-08870200-1491756786_thumb.jpg Brown Parrot.

post-50530-0-29393000-1491756796_thumb.jpg Rupples Starling. post-50530-0-89140600-1491756821_thumb.jpg Speckled pigeon.

If you you can bare it, i may upload some more.

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I'm waiting for more!

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