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Just for you Pam;

post-50530-0-20074600-1492438075_thumb.jpg Egyptian goose, in a tree?

post-50530-0-07241600-1492438105_thumb.jpg Black shoulered Kite, some call it a Black-winged Kite?

post-50530-0-68872100-1492438128_thumb.jpg Egyptian Goslings. Cute or what :)

post-50530-0-11596500-1492438171_thumb.jpg Yellow necked Spurfowl/francolin

post-50530-0-55018200-1492438194_thumb.jpg African Snipe


The resident Tawney Eagle(pale phase) There has been a pair nesting at Sweetwaters for many years now.


Bearded woodpecker. There are many around the camp.


Darnaud's Barbet. The beautiful duet of these birds is one of natures pure joy's.

post-50530-0-58287600-1492438381_thumb.jpg White crowned Shrike gathering at dusk


Wattled starlings. There were literally flocks of hundreds around the camp

post-50530-0-53534400-1492438462_thumb.jpg LBR surely one of natures master pieces.

post-50530-0-46534100-1492438467_thumb.jpg A regular migrant on Ol Pejeta


The cattle Egret. I have recently seen one where I live on the south coast of UK. That was a surprise. Must be up from southern Europe.

post-50530-0-11601900-1492438518_thumb.jpg Blue naped Mouse-bird, just beautiful.

post-50530-0-41772300-1492438535_thumb.jpg Finally the common Kestrel



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@PHALANX I don't know how I missed this until now, but I loved your "extra" pictures just for me!  The LBR is so vibrant and tyring to identify all these wonderful photos is great practice for my next safari in 6 days!

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