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Lovely sightings around the bushcamp and I'm envious of that blue duiker sighting - really special that one.


Enjoying seeing the familiar surrounds of KaingU and looking forward to more.

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I'm so excited to see that Busanga plains looks full of game! it doesn't look like you saw a lot of lions there. 

did the tse tse flies annoy you on the way in and out of the Musekesee and the mobile camp in busanga plains? 


lovely pictures of the sable and puku and glad you had a great shot of the brown headed kingfisher. i've not seen that yet. 



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@Kitsafari The one sighting of the lioness with the 2 cubs was indeed the only one upthere, but don't forget we just had a full day excursion up there and stayed in the northern plains only for a few hours and on the second day we toured more on the southern edge of the plains and that day was more quiet of game in general, as several bushfires were ongoing around the whole surrounding at the plains.



Tsetse flies are an issue in the Kafue. So you're entering the Park by car from Lusaka in a closed vehicle as the tracks up to Musekese are going through thick bushes. So you definitely don't wanna do this in an open vehicle.


Around Musekese the tsetse flies are more or less a non issue, the same on the Kafue River (water in general). But as soon as you get into areas where the bush is getting thick on both sides of the road, it can be quite annoying and sometimes as stated with the blue duicker sighting in such an area, you're happy to leave as quick as possible at some point.


On the Plains and around the Mobile Camp, there as well not a big issue. But sometimes on the vehicle a spray to kill them is the only answer. As they can actually bite you even with clothes one. I must admit I'm not a fan of long trousers on a safari, that probably will help and closed shoes and socks. But yeah, some bites are guaranted. I also think that the reaction of each person is different. So I was heavily bitten around my ankles but as long as you don't care no problem...:D


At Kaingu Lodge on one drive they were angry as hell. Also a bushfire around on one loop and a sighting of Liechtensteins Hartebeest in big numbers. We lset up elephant dung on fire behind the car, it helped a litle bit I thought so. But at one point I was more or less fighting the tsetses, instead of watching the wildlife.


But to be fair that kind of incident happend on 3 short sequences at 3 different spots within an 11 day stay in the Kafue. So it didn't bothered me that much overall and will not keep me staying away from the park....(as I will go back there this year twice again...B).) The tsetses are also one of the big plus factor for the park, not overcrowded and keeping the pressure away from cattle breeding on the grounds and surroundings.


So overall If I wouldn't be to lazy to fight the insects with proper clothing and treat the clothes with (Nobite a spay/liquid I own to prepar your clothing at home, but too lazy to use...), I definitely wouldn't have to complain.


Yes indeed I was very lucky and very nice to see both Roan and Sable up on the Busange Plains.



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@Grasshopper_Club thank you for the detailed info on the tse tse. i get a widespread allergic reaction to one single bite but i'm going to prepare meds and cream for it, and I've got a bugsuit shirt and short gaitors. so i'm going bulky in Kafue. but i can't agree with you more - tse tse may be annoying but they sure keep the cattle and the crowds away, which will be blissful....


when are you returning? are you going back to musekesee and kaingu again?

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55 minutes ago, Kitsafari said:

@Grasshopper_Club thank you for the detailed info on the tse tse. i get a widespread allergic reaction to one single bite but i'm going to prepare meds and cream for it, and I've got a bugsuit shirt and short gaitors.


@Kitsafari I used to have a really bad reaction to Tsetse bites but over time this has reduced so that they are now a comparatively minor irritant and I can even wear sorts in the Kafue, except when heading for the tree line on the Busanga plains or down near Lufupa. Both Tse Tse hotspots. It sounds as though you are fully prepared anyway with antihistamines etc so you will no doubt enjoy your trip there

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@wilddog thanks for the tips -  i shall watch out for these hot spots! i hope i can grow out of these allergic reactions too.


@Grasshopper_Club looking forward to more Kaingu. :)

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i agree with @wilddog, the reaction on the first bites is much harsher and the irritation later on with new bites is minor. So after a few days i'll get accustomised to it.


@Kitsafari, I will go back next month the first time this year and later on in November.


In August 15 days: Nanzhila Plains, Musekese and Ntemwa-Busanage (each one  5 nights)


In November 11 days: Pioneer Camp 1night, Liuwa Plains 5 nights and Musekese 5 nights


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Day 9


So today was my first full day at Kaingu Lodge and I was excited to explore the new area.


A little glimpse to my very nice chalet at Kaingu Lodge. They are very spacious and luxurious, even with an indoor and outdoor shower!



After our breakfast we went on the boat quick to the car park, as we started with a game drive on that day.


First sighting that morning, group of Impalas standing on the track and looking at us. In this part of the park Impalas are the major antelope species around, compared to the Pukus in the northern part at Musekese and the Red Lechwe in the Busanga Plains.



An Elephant in the early morning bushfire mist. There was a big bushfire ongoing further up north coming down to our direction.



Further down on the turn of the loop, we spotted a family of Oribi. A young one which gets my attention, they are so cute really nice sighting. Actually to see the young one 20-30 meters separated for a while and then reunited with his parents.







Getting back to the parents...




Flying Oribis:D






Any idea? I'm lost with that one..




We had very good sightings of Liechtensteins hartebeest down here at Kaingu, especially the numbers and that on several occasions. Bigger groups of 10-25 animals. The ones we have seen at Musekese, were in smaller groups of about 2&3-10 animals.




Crossing our way...



Later on another sighting of a bigger group that one stretched about 25 animals.





A very nice sigthting but as we further followd the tsetses get an issue there as described in a comment before. But very nice sighting and an new and different area to the ones I've known in the Kafue.




A sounder...




Pukus are seen here as well, but they are outnumbered by Impalas. I think the terrain here is better for Impalas and less grassy/dambo like as in the northern part where Pukus dominate




A Bushbuck says hello...;)




So this was a very nice morning drive on a loop north of Kaingu and some pleasant sightings.


Heading back this time as well with the boat to camp and had some wonderful lunch here as well. Enjoyed my siesta and went on with the afternoon activity, which was on me to decide, as I was the only guest that day.


After tea time we went on the boat an explored more of the river and had a nice sundowner and Kaley showed me a nice colony of cormorants in great numbers on the river. A pleasure to watch them.


I would say Long-tailed Cormorant?







They always started to fly to another rock further away and again and again. Funny to see their technique at the start of the flight.





Afterward we had the sundowners at a little island which was very cool!






And with the Hippo sighting at the end of day, another wonderful day on Safari comes to an end.










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Day 10 (1st part)


Today we started early as it was my last full day on Safari. There is a hide nearby on a muddy bowl, where you can see the Meyers parrot in huge numbers. We decided to be there on time. We tried it on Day 9, but we were just a little bit late the day before, as you have to bee there before the sun is coming up. The parrots are coming down to the mudd only once and and that very early.


There must be something in the mudd on that place, a particular nutrition, as you could also see other animals traces as well the ones from elephants who must have been there over night.


It was a very enjoyable sighting and we spent about 20-30 minutes there as the parrots are very skittish and sitting on the treetops around, until they find it's safe to go onto the ground. Once done, they stayed for a few minutes and at the slightest suspicion they tended to fly away.


Some impressions:


Meyers parrot (Poicephalus meyeri)















The parrots left after a while, same did we. Back on the vehicle and getting up north.


Some Kudus..




Impalas mixing up under a tree with a group of baboons..





As there was a huge bushire on the day before, we crossed the area and could see all surrounding turned black and the heat could still felt on the open vehicle.


Nevertheless life came back....common duiker






Near the bridge over the Lwansanza river, a nice sighting of this little bee eater...


little bee-eater (Merops pusillus)










I think a banded mongoose.




More to come..





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Love your pictures.  When in November are you at Musekese Camp as my husband and I will be there November 20 for three nights.

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Just catching up with this report ........... Kafue looks amazing!!!  Those Roan have to be the most relaxed anywhere?  And Wow on the Skimmers ........  Thank You!

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@Raelond, Oh nice! I will arrive on the 22nd so we will see us there for a day.


@madaboutcheetah, The Kafue is indeed amazing. The Roans have been very relaxed and take didn't much notice out of us, after we stopped the car in front of them.

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Thank you for your very interesting report-and what wonderful sightings! @Grasshopper_Club

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Those Meyers Parrots are lovely

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Day 10 (part 2)


Here we go again. Just went on with our drive up north on the spinal road back to the northern loop . When we had this nice encounter of a waterbuck family.


Nice fluffy hairs they tend to have.






Symmetrical heads...




A bushbuck again, in the thick biush.



Male Impala watching us.



The track was getting throuhg some very thick bush on both sides of the road on the loop. We suddenly heard some branches cracking and realized that a large famlily group of Elephants is passing by. So we waited there a few minutes and give them way.




After a few minuted we passed on and as we get out of the bush on a clearance, we saw them from a distanace lined up in a row...






So we went further on and this was the only time I saw another vehicle at my whole stay at Kaingu Lodge. It was another Safari vehicle from Mukambi Lodge and they were looking down to a gully where they saw a lioness going down some time ago. After a while without seeing anything they left and we made our luck and were driving into the gully (which was very wide). We didn't saw the lioness but behind some bushes and trees in it, straigt ahead was this fantastic paradise fycatcher on our eye level. Great sighting and very relaxed, we were able to watch the flycatcher for several minutes.


African paradise flycatcher (Terpsiphone viridis)





cheep cheep...



Once the flycatcher was flying away we got on. We had then our tea break, near a pond from which we could spot a lone Elephant Bull grazing.



knob-billed duck (Sarkidiornis melanotos)




After our tea brake we went on with our game drive and went into an area similar like the one where we saw the flycatcher. A dried out riverbeed with a colony of bee-eaters was just in front of us. Very close sighting and very nice shoots. I was just so impressed, how many bugs as well were flying around and how easy it was for the bee-eaters to get their lunch ready. To watch them "hunting" their pray was just another highlight of that day and the entire Safari!


white-fronted bee-eater (Merops bullockoides)






Get ready!








Another smaller family group of Elepahnts, this time with a tiny one as well..



They were heading into another directon.



A Bull on the back of the treck, taking his time..




So this was a very nice game/bird drive on my last day..



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Great shots of the White-Fronted Bee-Eater. Your whole report is a joy and makes me wish it was October already. :)

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It will be great to meet up with you.  There is four in our group, including Doug Macdonald as our guide.  Your bird pictures are stunning.  What camera did you use?  


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@Raelond, I've used a Nikon D500 and a D750.

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Great preview -- I'll be in the Kafue in early October at Musekese and Kaingu --- thanks!!

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to page 2 -- such wonderful lion activity.  No wonder you had such great skimmer shots, there's a breeding colony!

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On 7/9/2017 at 11:27 AM, Marks said:

I'm also a puku fan - I appreciate you drawing attention to them!

Me too.  I even planned a S Luangwa trip once because I was missing puku.  Some great shots of them.


White fronted bee eater exposé!   I see the lion activity was just as good at night.  Wonderful night time shots. 


Liked your hint on afternoon river trips for good conditions. 


So let me ask, after Kafue, literally what else?

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I can hardly wait because I'll be visiting Kafue next year. I'll be spending no less than 11 nights there. 

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