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Dullstroom Bird of Prey Rehab Centre

Peter Connan

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Peter Connan

I have been to a number of "rehabilitation centres" for various animals (most often big cats), and it often looks to me like they are often something very different.

But the Dullstroom Birds of Prey Rehabilitation centre really does seem to be the real thing.


Located just outside of Dullstroom on the road to Belfast (and later Johannesburg).




Unfortunately, there are always animals and birds that can't be rehabilitated or released to fend for themselves, and most rehabilitation centres use these to generate income. In this, the Dullstroom centre is no different. Their major drawcard is a show they host twice a day, most days (they are closed on Tuesdays and bad weather may cause cancellation). This show consists of four trained raptors being flown, while the falconers (if that is the correct term when the birds are not exclusively falcons) gives loads of information on the birds in question. These shows are held at 10h30 and 14h30 dayly. They have a number of different birds, and rotate them regularly, so repeat visits never become boring. It is immediately obvious that the falconers treat the birds with the utmost love and respect.



Entrance is very reasonable - R60 for adults. Specialist photography workshops can be arranged, but at significantly higher cost.


While I have visited the centre a couple of times, these photos were all taken on the occasion of my lst visit, which was last Sunday morning. 





























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How spooky @Peter Connan I'm off to a falconry centre visit in a few weeks time as Jane arranged it as a Christmas prezzy. The plan is to hold on the glove several birds leading up to my favourite of all birds The Golden Eagle and even the White Tailed Eagle! I suspect my photos won't match yours but there may be some with the eagles perching on my head!

Without falconry techniques many bird reintroduction schemes wouldn't get off the ground





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Wonderful second chance for these creatures and a wonderful photo op for visitors.

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Peter Connan

That sounds like a wonderful Christmass present @Towlersonsafari !

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