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Lake Nakuru January 2017


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Day 1, 29th January, 2017


In a time of my life with a lot of work, I managed to squeeze in a week to Kenya this January. I didn´t had time to plan it. I just got an opportunity to for a week with short notice, and choose an old favorit, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara. I have been once before to Lake Nakuru in november 2011, and have very found memories from that time. It was wonderful sightings, and got me some fantastic safari pictures, my first :). Since then I have read about the floodings that happened to Lake Nakuru. I still wanted to go there, inspired from my previous visit and fantastic photography I have seen from others in that special Akacia woods, like Greg du Toits.


My first sight arriving to Lake Nakuru was a surreal landscape, it was more dead than alive. 




Even the wildlife seemed to be in black and white.. 




Since we arrived late in the afternoon we drove along the shore to the lodge. When the sun set we did catch a more alive view of the lake.  


The first impression was a little of chock. Lake Nakuru is really changed by the flooding. The lake is much bigger, and nowadays more of a sweet water lake. And of course there is no Flamingos. Most of the old roads are under water, and it is not possible anymore to drive around the lake. 


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Yes, even though you knew if in advance I am sure it must be a shock. "Moire dead than alive" sounds terrible. Your pictures really show it! Lake Nakuru was on my first safari itinerary too and I also have not been back since even though I enjoyed it a lot at the time.

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Day 2, 30th January 2017


Well, not everything is dead in Lake Nakuru. But parts of it is the submerged dead wood. And this very small park is now considerable smaller because of the lake is so much bigger. This morning we went out to the central plain/open fields in the park and a hyena crossed it when the sun did rise. Taking photos straight into the rising sun works very good. 






One of the main attractions in Lake Nakuru is the birds. Though, i´m not that much of a birder. 










There is still some pelicans :)




There is a good number of Rhinos in the park. The white ones is out in the open on the central plain most of the time. In the evening a black Rhino, appeared out of the bushes.  




He started walking past us. 




Then he stopped. Started to kick around the some dust, and for a moment we thought he might do a charge. 




But he decided to continue his way.. Nice display with all the kicking dust. 






The Akacia woods that I hoped to get some nice photos of, is now decimated, and there is only about 200 m of road going through. We drove back and fourth several times, but didn´t catch any sighting there. We didn´t see any cats at all this time (one evening and one full day). Next morning we left early for Masai mara. I think it have more to offer. I will continue my trip report with a Masai Mara section. 




Last picture of Lake Nakuru.

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Your first photo is a hauntingly beautiful intro to Lake Nakuru.  As always, your specs can help others create their own hauntingly beautiful if they can supply the subject matter.  The rhino dust makes the shot.  Despite being shocked at the changed conditions, you've portrayed Nakuru very well.

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