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Ashok Rane

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1 hour ago, Peter Connan said:

Driving in sand is easy. Even getting un-stuck is pretty simple, as long as you follow these basics:

1) Deflate the tires. When you think you have deflated enough, deflate some more. Minimum pressure for sand is about 0.3 Bar.

2) If you feel the vehicle start digging (if it slows down without the engine slowing down), stop trying immediately. Do not allow the wheels to dig holes.

3) Be gentle with the clutch, steering and brakes.

4) If you feel the vehicle starting to get stuck, stop, get out, air down, make smooth passages for the wheels in the direction you want to go (down-hill if you have a choice), and pull away carefully. If is is a short section, try it again without airing up and with a little bit of momentum.


Make sure your rental has a compressor, if not, buy one before you leave Upington, and also get a pressure gauge.

That's a treasure of information. Thank much. I have been in touch with Kalahari 4x4 . They don't seem to have any 4x2s in their bag. From what I've seen this far, there isn't much of a rate diff between the two.  Thanks again

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17 hours ago, Towlersonsafari said:

the roads are not difficult in the KTP, very occasionally there may be a little trouble but as everyone has said you should be fine in a 4x2  I think we pay about £100 each for a flight from  JNb to upington which does not seem too bad1 Have a great trip-we may even bump into each other -although hopefully not literally @Ashok Rane

That's a great rate you're getting. Half of what I can see on the online travel sites here. We are looking at the Diwali holiday week in November '18 that would be 4-11/'11 .Look forward to the bump, will try not to make it physically though :D

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