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KARIBU TENA (welcome back) Pt 2


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After a few days relaxing and a couple of productive game drives, Lion and Rhino, it was my big day.DSC02419.thumb.JPG.91c7993da20559dff42f087575071cd8.JPG It was an early start, and I came to realise very quickly this was not my sister-in-law’s favourite time of day.

It was a beautiful start to the day, Mt Kenya was clear apart from a bit of cloud which soon dispersed as the sun rose from behind the mountain,DSC02844.thumb.JPG.5c2fffcc7a2b17c0774e16275d033e22.JPG up to then it had been covered in low cloud, and the bird song was a joy to awake to. The drive was very pleasant, though the game this morning was not abundant, but as always there were those magic moments, like when we came across a small breeding herd of Elephants, and later five white Rhino out on the plain.DSC03220.thumb.JPG.f49dfdae6693decddb2101d1880419a3.JPGDSC03017.thumb.JPG.51448cfa52b01cb322313f53e92e03e3.JPG The birdlife again made up for the lack of game on this drive with two African fish Eagles setting up home in a large yellow fever tree near the marsh. Not too far from them on the other side of the marsh was a magnificent Martial Eagle. As we drove along the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River we saw Grey headed Kingfisher’s flying from bank to bank, and unintentionally disturbed a pair of Little Bee-eaters.DSC02875.thumb.JPG.c20665b759b9fa38e53546ffb012bf1c.JPG

A little further on we came out into a small glade where a table had been set up, with numerous amounts of Birthday paraphernalia, the chef was busy preparing breakfast and we were greeted by friends from Sweetwater’s who were to see to our every need. After freshening up we tucked into a sumptuous full English breakfast, washed down by copious amounts of tea. I did say tea was to play a large part in our safari.DSC02604.thumb.JPG.459cefaa849e674f1106ed26b9f80ffb.JPGDSC02609.thumb.JPG.68f47030748c6c33f7a2d1a361e3a172.JPG After numerous photo’s had been taken we headed off back to Sweetwater’s.DSC03004.thumb.JPG.4560992349e2c983a8d32e9edbf3ea26.JPG

The birthday celebrations were not over. After resting up through the remainder of the day we set out on an afternoon drive. It had been raining on and off throughout the afternoon but it was beginning to stop now and we noticed there was more game around than in the morning. The cats though were proving to be elusive. Around 5.30pm we were driving along the road which runs along the back of the marsh and as we approached we could see there were 30-40 Buffalo in the marsh and a large flock of about 15 Grey crowned Cranes. As we turned the corner to drive down to marsh we were surprised by our friends from the morning who had set up a bar with some very tasty hot bites. DSC02677.thumb.JPG.3432bf910105f5169708285a8e84d837.JPGThe rain was holding off and we settled down to enjoy a sundowner, even if we would not get to see the sun go down. The low cloud cover caused the light to be less than it would have been at this time.

Our driver brought our vehicle closer and turned on the headlights. We thought this was a very good idea until one of the staff informed us that the rangers think we should leave. “Leave” I said a little confused, “yes, leave now”. We had not even had a sundowner, but the rangers had raised their rifles and were looking quite concerned. We got into the vehicle and as we drove away we saw in the head lights scores of Buffalo coming through the bushes heading towards the marsh. A few minutes later the heavens opened.DSC03258.thumb.JPG.aaf0c038ecb2f23a0ef5c7de8a5aa984.JPG


After a quick wash and change of clothing we finished the celebrations in the dining room telling anyone who would listen about our encounter with Africa’s most dangerous animal. The evening finished with the traditional birthday cake, which was brought out amid much singing and joviality by the staff.DSC02701.thumb.JPG.5ba7756fd38bf40ac67eae41a47a5eb9.JPG


The end to an absolutely lovely day. Happy birthday to me.

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@PHALANX - perhaps the Buffalo were only coming to wish you happy Birthday?

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