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Mfuwe's second year.


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So why not give it another go? It won't be as succesful as my first which was beginner's luck and I am happy to publish my travel plans for 2018. Starting obviously in Namibia when I awoke to the New Year in Sossusvlei (not literally but close by) and already have bagged a few. Even the Speckled Pidgeon on my Hotel window ledge is in the bag now.

Once home and domesticity cleared up we can start in earnest with the locals with a chance of nailing a few winter migrants before they go and then to await Spring.

No plans to visit southern latitudes this year, at the moment, but I do have a pressing invite to Brazzaville and once I find it on the map I might be tempted to take it up. So mainly Scotland and Europe at the moment by car. Year end undecided but somewhere warm.

So to start my year, here are my starter for 4 even though the rules are silent on finishing one year before starting another.,


001. Cape Sparrow. Canon Lodge,Fish River



002. Dusky Sunbird. Canon Lodge, Fish river.




003. Mountain Wheatear. both phases. Canon Lodge. fish river.




004. Pale-winged Starling. Canon Lodge. Bonus bird- Southern Masked Weaver.

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@Galana, I like the photobombing Weaver, although its eyes are too big for its belly..or maybe its the other way around, perhaps the Starling is the "bomber" 

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Peter Connan

The Cape Sparrow seems a very apt bird to start off with. It will be good to have you involved again!

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Agree, glad you are in again. But first, I'm curious to see if you can crack those magical 600 for 2017. come on, there must be some hidden ebcs!

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Good to see you taking part again- the travel plans still give the chance of a decent number!

and a very good start.....

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1 hour ago, michael-ibk said:

I'm curious to see if you can crack those magical 600 for 2017. come on, there must be some hidden ebcs!

 i wish. English proverb.  If ifs and ands were pots and pans there would be no work for tinkers.

I fear it would take more that a few generous EBCs to do that. The daft thing is that given an extra day the 600 target was in the bag. As you will see as this thread develops.

Three birds that should have come to camera but did not were, White-tailed Shrike, Crimson-breasted Shrike and Pririt Batis. I also have a great mental image of Benguela Lark by the track side BUT the darn driver did not stop!!!

So <600 stands (for now) although I may try my 'Barn Owl' on you all.

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A few to prove my point that 2017 really needed a few more days. Am I allowed 'travelling time??


005. Southern Masked Weaver. Canon Lodge.




006. Acacia Pied Barbet. Canon Lodge.




007. Apt. Bokmarie. Canon Lodge.



008. Laughing Dove. Canon Lodge (and most of Namibia!!)



009. Rock Martin. Canon Lodge.



10. Ostrich. Kalahari Anib.



011. Ruppell's Koorhan.Sossusvlei.




012. Speckled Pigeon. from my room today, 7th, at Avani Hotel, Windhoek. Truly Balcony birding at its most pure.

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Jumping sequence due to circumstances of what has just occurred.

Continuing the balcony theme from above post look who just called this morning...




031 actually but....Peach-faced Lovebird is a worthy Queue jumper.

My balcony 15 mins ago. Avani Hotel, Windhoek. Worth the cost of the room? Wiffy and a window inclusive.



032. While at it. Feral Pigeon or "Stock Dove". Same location.

Can I spare the time for breakfast?

The next number may be back in sequence at #13. Who knows???

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Peter Connan

I suspect there is a cunning subterfuge going on here. Are you maintaining a spreadsheet or do we need to do it for you?



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@Peter Connan I do have a 'sort' of spreadsheet list if only to keep tabs on what I have seen.

It is up to 32 and surely it would be very unworthy to put Lovebirds in as #13??

You will love who gets #17.

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Not all bad news.


13.  White-throated Canary. Canon Lodge.



14. Cape Bunting. Canon Lodge.



15. Blacksmith Lapwing.  Canon Lodge.



16. Sociable Weaver.  Kalahari Anib Lodge.





17. Pearl Spotted Owlet. A pair interacting at Kalahari Anib. Seen from my chalet. Uncertain if they were fighting, begging for food or mating.

(Especially for @Peter Connan.)



18. Red-eyed Bulbul. Kalahari Anib.





19. Deiderick Cuckoos. Again begging or mating. Kalahari Anib taken from my lounger.

Birding at its best.




20. Spotted Flycatcher. Kalahari Anib. Seen from my lounger BUT I did have to get up and approach to get a decent shot.


More to follow.

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Well thank you!

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9 hours ago, Galana said:

Seen from my lounger BUT I did have to get up and approach to get a decent shot.

That was you doing your best effort at birding :)B):huh:! Who has watched the bottle of cold beer ??

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Dave Williams
1 hour ago, xelas said:

That was you doing your best effort at birding :)B):huh:! Who has watched the bottle of cold beer ??


It was empty and ready for a refill^_^

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3 hours ago, xelas said:

Who has watched the bottle of cold beer ??

It was the Butler's day off but I do have my wife along to cover such emergencies.:wub:



21. Too far to walk.

Marabou stalks. Kalahari Anib Lodge or close by. Not worth getting up for.




22. Fawn coloured Lark. About 150 metres distant but 'out of bounds'. Kalahari Anib.




23. Cape Glossy Starling. Kalahari Anib. The tree above my lounger?




24. White-browed Sparrow Weaver. Another tree another bird.




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3 hours ago, Tdgraves said:

this is taking EBC to another level @Galana looks like in camera photoshop art!!

I put it down to heat haze over the distance but no photoshopping. If it was 'art' do you think I would paint in all those sticks etc?

The final snaps for the opening of the year.




25. Fork-tailed Drongo. Canon Lodge. Another lodge another lounger.



26. Black-throated Canary. Canon Lodge.




27. White-backed Mousebird. Kalahari Anib. Not sure what the insect is.



28. Namaqua Dove. Canon Lodge.



29. Karoo Koorhan. Kalahari Anib. From the car.



30. Pale Chanting Goshawk. B1 north towards Rehoboth. Last day.


And two repeats.


31. Rosy-faced Lovebird from my room in Avani, Windhoek.



23. Cape Glossy Starling. The same balcony Hotel Avani.


Now back home with 32. Once I get out no doubt I will pick up some locals here for the winter but in the meantime I will get on with finishing 2017.

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Dave Williams

Off like a rocket!

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To dispel confusion over "32" in the above post #17 here it is again in order.



If there was confusion blame the cold beer.

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Dave Williams

It's the cold bit that numbs the brain:D

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And there is plenty of cold about. I do miss the Namibian sun at the moment.

I have yet to get out birding at home.

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The rain stopped and the sun came out today. The missus needed to go to the bottle bank to free up space in the kitchen so we launched.

Very few birds braving the cold wind but I have put a few in the year's bank although quality could be better:

Just felt the need to keep this list moving.



33. Eurasian Oystercatcher.  Ramsey Rugby Pitch.



34.  Rook. Ramsey Rugby Pitch.



35. Mallard. Kimmeragh Dubh.



36. Indian Peafowl. Bride Hills. Where they are free-winged and breeding.



37. Golden Plover. Point of Ayre.



37. Stonechat. Point of Ayre.



38. Mistle Thrush. Cranstal.




39. Jackdaw. Cranstal Cottage.




40. Sheldduck. West Kimmeragh.


I'll do better next time. Honest.




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@Galana, so if they are free-winged and they breed then they count?! Great, as I have one Indian Runner on stock that is reported to be free-winged and breeding :D

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4 hours ago, xelas said:

Great, as I have one Indian Runner on stock

I have it on the best authority that you need MORE than one!!^_^

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Recount. I seem to have two #37s.

So Shelduck should be #41.


I am not making it that easy to beat me.:wub:

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