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Help with Bird IDs - LBJ


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Hi, I've had problems identifying these little birds and they may not be what I think they are! So I'll appreciate any help with their correct IDs, please. I've got quite a few. Thanks in advance. 


1. African pipit?



2. African pipit again?5aa3c20a10495_africanpipitMB2.thumb.JPG.6d825a4172809e979dc3662fb3e46661.JPG


3. a cisticola?



4. no idea what this is! may not be a good photo to ID



5. another pipit?DSC00176.thumb.JPG.745730aa20b0537082bbf25d4bc9da93.JPG


6. no idea on the ID



7. not sure



8. pipit again?



9. probably same as no 8DSC02078.thumb.JPG.b01be74ccad9e3f27347a8944e667a13.JPG


10. looks similar to no 6DSC09960.thumb.JPG.30f487218185c6b0e64243315bfe4165.JPG


11. such a pretty bird but i couldnt find an IDDSC09995.thumb.JPG.10e1874af0e8248babb314fb286758a1.JPG


12. not sure



13. Not sure either - altho it looks like a rufous naped lark




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Dear Kit, it would help if we knew where they were taken, but here goes...


I would say that all of your pipits are the same bird and african seems a good bet (but a bit location dependent)

3 rattling cisticola

4 grey-backed cameroptera

6/10 grey headed sparrow (depends on where they were seen if it is Southern etc)

7 could be a common fiscal shrike juvenile - do you have any other angles?

12 juvenile capped wheatear

13 i would agree with the lark

11/14 red-headed weaver


I see that the BY is very serious!!

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Peter Connan

For 7 I would look among the Flycatchers? Dusky perhaps?

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Kit, these Lark, Pipit, Cisticola and Brown Flycatcher stuff is incredicly difficult. You would need very close shots from several angles to be sure about the ID (and even then it's still very tricky). I often give up on these. I assume these are all from the Mara? 


My guesses:


1.) Plain-Backed Pipit (back should be more streaked for African)

2.) African Pipit. Possibly Long-Billed Pipit.

3.) I'd agree with Rattling, possibly Croaking Cisticola

4.) Definitely Grey-Backed Camaroptera

5.) African Pipit

6,) (Northern) Grey-Headed Sparrow

7.) Possibly African Grey-Headed Flycatcher. Does not look like a Shrike to me at all, and Dusky is a more chunky bird which I have never seen in the Mara AFAIR

8.) African Pipit

9.) I'd go with Plain-Backed Pipit again

10.) (Northern) Grey-Headed Sparrow

11.) Red-Headed Weaver

12.) Looks more like a Northern Wheatear to me than a Capped

13.) Probably Rufous-Naped Lark

14.) Red-Headed Weaver

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@Tdgraves @Peter Connan @michael-ibk thanks so much!


they were all taken in the Mara, Kenya. unfortunately, that was the only photo of No 7.


19 hours ago, Tdgraves said:



I see that the BY is very serious!!

Hahahaa = I have to be. very. A lot to live up when faced such incredible standards of the other BY threads from yourself and so many others.  :)


I'll go with flycatcher for No 7, since majority says it. ^_^


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