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Tigers and tourism (India) A video report.

Brian's Art for Animals

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Hi all, it has been a long time since I posted a trip report here on Safaritalk. The days/months/years fly by for sure!

At any rate, I enjoyed both an India Safari and a African safari as of late. This is my video travel log for my last India trip (I plan on going back in Feb 2019, to hopefully see rhino and tiger.) What I learned is that in October-November it is a tad bit harder to locate tigers than in the hotter season of March-April-May where you have less water holes (more tigers coming to a certain area) and then also the grass is shorter. But even with the full vegetation, I did have an all around excellent time and did see tigers (which obviously is the goal of any safari in India.) I was glad to bring a group of animal caretakers from the US and to also use the services of Tiger Journey again as they give back to the local Tala community. The children who live around the popular parks like Bandhavgarh should be getting some benefits due to all the tourism the park brings. but sadly the school systems need help. Along with the Safari's we also got to sightsee and experience other places like Wildlife SOS (sloth Bear Rescue.) I hope you enjoy the videos.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZaPNVLhQpLciaWi68mfi91EyK3mpjwOq

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This video stands out as it raises the questions..do operators/drivers stress out the tigers.. well, yes to some degree. I am sure a passenger who spots a tiger may tip more than one who doesn't. So for the driver and guide it might be a financial gain. Also they really want to show you a tiger and our proud of having them in their forests. There was a recent report showing the tigers in the heavier tourist zones are ore protected than those that are not. Makes sense in that with more eyes on them. What I told my fellow animal caretakers (it was all their first time on safari in India, as some were upset over the hysteria around seeing a tiger)..these tigers might be stressed obviously but that is just 3-4 minutes of their day and it is also the parks are not all day-year around filled with tourist. I try to personally live by the motto that if you change the animal's behavior, you are too close. This obviously doesn't always work for India..might for Africa, but not so much for India. Being a videographer/photographer, I am aware we are sometimes the worse for watching the animals to come right out and sit in the perfect spot for a perfect photo etc.. I try to be one of the "good ones." Cheers,



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