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Self drive from Upington SA to Maun


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I am in the progress of planning a self drive, from Upington SA through Kgalagadi, Ghanzi, Maun, Moremi and Khwai.

Can any of you recommend a rental company in Upington. I have an ongoing process with Bushlore - good reputation.

But they have a hefty delivery charge - Upington and  Maun. I don't want to drive from/to Jo'burg. Cost 4 days.

I will appreciate any answer.




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Hi, Africalover


I driven from Johannesburg to Upington once before. In a Toyota Hilux from Bushlore. I took 7-8 hours and a very easy(but boring drive). Actually we are doing it again this december, and again we will use Bushlore. Just to be curious, how much are they charging for the delivery fee?? They fee for bringing the car to Upington shouldn´t be that expensive.

I heard good stuff about Avis Safari Rentals, but I guess you would have some of the same problems with them.


I can remember seeing a couple of cars from Kalahari4x4 when I was in Kgalagadi 4 years ago. I think they are based in Upington, but I have no first hand experience.


Looks like a great trip, what time of year are you going? Bushlore are a lot cheaper in jan-march, but I guess Moremi and Kwai maybe  would be to wet...

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Thanks for your reply.

We would prefer Bushlore - but they charge around 10500 ZAR for deliver Upington/Collect Maun.

We don't want to push our luck in the rainy season

We go in sep/oct. I have been in Kaglagadi and Mabuasehube in February/March 2012 and want to go back.

Let me hear about your trip.

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I agree with @JayRon, you can easily do Jo'burg - Upington in one day; we've done it a dozen times in both directions.

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I have rented from Kalahari 4x4 in Upington: http://kalahari4x4hire.co.za/ for our Kgalagadi trip. I am not sure how much they would charge for drop off fee at Maun (??) yet it should be quite expensive as they would have to send a driver there to collect the vehicle.


However, as long as their vehicle was OK for Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, to do any drives in Moremi and Khwai I would be willing to pay the premium for Bushlore vehicle which are much better equipped for off-road driving in that area.

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@Africalover It sounds like a great trip. Since you already been to Kgalagadi and Mabuasehube you will know that you won´t have big problems there in sep/oct. I have been to Moremi and Khwai 2 times, but only in the dry season, both times july. And like you, And no way I am gonna try these areas in the rainy season. I thought there still was a lot of water in july. :unsure:


How many days will your trip last?? And are you going alone?


We are going to Kruger(mixture of Maroela, Tsendze, Letaba, Satara and Berg-en-Dal) for 14 days and after that 19 days in Kgalagadi (Twee Rivireren, Mata Mata, Kalahari Tented Camp, Roiputs Campsite, Polentswa Campsite, Nossob, Matopi and Mpaya campsite). We are camping all days except 4 days at Kalahari Tented Camp...


And again like Xelas wrote, other companies might still charge a drop-off fee... Bushlore would still be my choice. And the rand is pretty weak against the danish krone;)



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@JayRon  We will stay at Polenswa 3 night, Mabuasehube 3 nights, Moremi 3 nights, Khwai 3 nights.

I see you are from Denmark, where do you live.

Great trip you are on to. 


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@Africalover Great trip too. only good places for your trip.(even though Moremi disappointed me in 2016, but back in 2011 it was fantastic). Just bad luck sometimes...

I am from Aalborg, what about you??

And I also noticed that you were from Denmark, but I decided to write in english. I would be quite annoyed myself if people started writing in their own language. And nobody understand danishB)

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@JayRon I agree -  offcause we write in English. I am from Hvidovre. Interesting to find out that more Danes know about Kgalagadi - haven't met anyone before? 

I just came back from a trip from Botswana - saw some great stuff.

Can I PM you if I have further questions.





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@Africalover I fully agree, not many danes come to Kgalagadi. You are the second one I know about ;) 


Are you going to write a trip report about Botswana?? If I remember correct, you have written a couple before.... And a beautiful picture of a leopard ....


And of course, just PM me any questions you have. I am by no means an expert, but we done 5 selfdrive safaris, so I know some B) 



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