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What a trip! Good luck, enjoy and please come and tell us about it after!

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That was as hard core self driving trip as one can do! I have throuroughly enjoyed reading it, with all the great photos. And based on your words, there will be more tocome in the future years! I wish you good weather on your next, RV adventure. If anything, there will be more comfort involved; maybe you could post a photo of the RVso we get the taste of what is coming next?!

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Wow, so many fantastic photos.  I remember reading your trip report from your first self drive.  Very envious of the trip, but not the cost! lol


I have to admit that although I am returning to Namibia for a 2nd time this year and having done a self drive in Botswana, nothing beats the sheer density of wildlife that Tanzania contains.  Just amazing!  After this trip to Namibia I'll be taking a break for a few years to save for a return trip to Botswana.  Still think self driving Tanzania is a bit too much for me.

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@DanielBme  it’s not so much the driving that’s difficult in TZ, but the conditions are tougher than in Botswana. The infrastructure in camps is nothing compared to Bots or Nam and the Defender is much less comfortable than a Hilux. So to me what makes TZ more difficult is the lack of camping comfort,  but once you survive it, you realize how lucky you were to be able to camp in those very special and amazing places and the lack of comfort is all but forgotten. Don’t go to TZ as a self-driver Thinking you will be going to relax and taking it easy. It is hard work, but since we are retired, we always say we can rest when we get home!

I say read a lot of self-drive reports and then decide if you can do that as well or better than others. 

Nam and  Bots are dream destination as well, so enjoy!

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Only now did I notice that Xelas from Slovenia  was asking for a pic of the RV. 
Well, we had an incredible trip to ThenWestern US, Canada, Alaska, and back to Florida. We made it to Brooks Falls and saw lots of  ears fishing for salmon. Our kids joined my husband fishing for salmon for a month in Soldotna. We reached the Arctic Ocean via the Dempster Highway. Etc. an epic trip. 
this year, we are heading back out West and see where the Corona will let us in.

Hope everyone is ok exploring their neighborhood and not the world.








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Looks great, and comfortable, that RV of yours, @KaliCA! I am sorry to read about bad news about the spread of the virus in the USA, among all other events. Stay safe!

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