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Chad 2019 - Central African Savannah and Wonders of the Sahara

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Nice @Botswanadreams, very nice indeed.  Thanks for a great report.


I will get round to my TR soon but I'm currently typing "one-finger, left handed" as I've just had shoulder replacement surgery on my right and it's so sloooow!!

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Excellent photos and the video of the the Quelea. It's such an extraordinary sight, isn't it, they just go on and on and on! 


@AfricIan hope you're recovering and looking forward to your TR!

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Many, many thanks for all your kind comments @Alexander33 @kilopascal @gatoratlarge @CaroleE @AfricIan and @Galago. It gives me a bit more motivation to get the next part ready soon. I hope the struggle with Google translate isn't too heavy. If so the pics will tell sometimes the story of our trip better than my writing. 

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Do you like Camels?



It's a little tast of the next part. 

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Chad 2019 Part 5 is online.


On the road in Ennedi



Aloba Arch 



A table for a big one





A elephant in the desert



Toukou with the new exclusive Warda Camp behind the arch





The entry to Terkey West



Many, many rock paintings on different places



The spring of Gealta d'Archei - the habitat of the crocodiles





A few pics from the Guelta d'Archei you have maybe already seen in the video. 



Nomads on there move. 



That's all in part 5 and much more. Feel free an visit our homepage.  


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Fabulous places and photos @Botswanadreams! It is very hard to say, which area is more beautiful (Zakouma or Ennedi), indeed...  I went through the more detailed report on your website, too. Great trip and great job with the TR-s!

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Thanks @FlyTraveler. Which area is more beautiful Zakouma or Ennedi I'm not able to answer this question. As I said in the other topic about security in Chad it depends really on the interest of travelers what they like to see. The combination of both did it for us.



It's one of the lakes at Ounianga Kebir - for me it looks like it could be on our earth. 


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With a few pics from part 6 of our trip report from Chad 2019 I would like to get your attention again for this seldom traveled country. 



Ennedi has so many incredible places 







A water hole but this time we were not guests because we needed water too.





On the transfer to the Ounianga Lakes 



Mourdi Depression





Tiguidey, a salt mine



If you like to follow this klick you can find much more about.  



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This are a few pics from part 7. I'm sure you have already seen it is online too. I was supposed to bring it in capture 6 too but it wasn't possible with limited elements pro site.


 Lakes of Ounianga 






Cape Teal











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Stunning scenery and I don't just mean the camels.

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@Botswanadreams, I'm mesmerized by the beauty and diversity of Chad! Your photos and videos are outstanding. Thank you. 

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@Atravelynn Thanks very much for following us through Chad. @Ritsgaai your post offers me too many flowers. Thank you so much. Yes Chad has very beautiful places. The only little problem is that they all are fare away from N'Djamena. 

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Five days traveling back to N'Djamena. That's the last part of our trip report. 


Our second car on top of a dune



We are back to Ennedi for a short visit in the southwest part of the erea



Rock paintings again



A camel caravan on there way 



Another rock arch



Gaoura Alagana - Rock formations with big halls



Public transport in Kalait



A village on the way - the big containers are for sorghum 



Sunday evening in a village



Sao Kotoko - the formal palace of the sultan today a little museum 10 kilometers out of N'Djamena




This all and much more you can find in the last part of our trip report. This is the link.

Thanks all for your comments, likes and taking the time for a visit on our homepage. 


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Just fantastic!!!  Thank you so much!!!

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Hi Christina @Botswanadreams

i read your entire report ( 8 parts) on your website. Just superb especially the sections when you were deep in the desert - I have read several wonderful reports on Zakouma and a couple on Ennedi but this was the very time I saw pictures of the lakes and that deeper desert area area. Spectacular trip- 2 weeks of driving in the heat and dust- you are really troopers but it was well worth it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and writing. Also Google translate has really improved and appeared to me was nearly perfect in English. 

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Many thanks for your interest in our 2019 trip to Chad @Nik63, @gatoratlarge and @AKR1. Zakouma, Ennedi and the lakes of Ounianga was a dream combination for us. We had a very good team from EYTE' VOYAGES & AVENTURES SAHARIENNES for our private two weeks tour to the Sahara, where we lacked nothing. Good to hear that Google translate works well. 

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