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Bird ID help please - SA/Botswana

Alex Rogers

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Alex Rogers

Hi all - have a few bird pics from recent SA/Botswana trip that I can't ID or am not sure of. Would appreciate the help of anyone who can point me in the right direction. All pics June/July, I'll put any location or other information next to the pics. Some pics very poor quality I'm afraid, just grabs taken to try to ID. 


1) In the reeds on the lakeshore, Sappi Stanger KZN. Probably a weaver or bishop, fem or male out of breeding colours. I find these very hard to ID...





2 - Same place, lakeshore Sappi Stanger KZN: Some pretty distinctive colours and wing barring here, suspect it will be easy for someone with SA bird experience, but I'm a bit lost...




3 - (Tawny?) Eagles at Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Botswana. Had a wonderful sighting of these great birds. I was looking at a Martial Eagle perched on top of a tree, when the male of these two knocked him off his perch and the 2 spiralled down to the ground, talons locked. On separating, the Martial completely gave lie to his name and flew off, while the (Tawny?) screamed success, did  victory lap, then flew off to another tree where his mate was - and promptly covered her. I snatched a few pics, range was at least 3-400m so they are not great quality, but give an idea. Are these guys tawny eagles? 






4) Kubu Island - Southern Grey Headed Sparrow? 





5) Kubu Island, Botswana. Lovely chap and a nice pic, but completely lost on ID. Cold morning, so he is a bit fluffy



6) JHB - Braamfontein Spruit park - female Thick Billed Weaver? 






Thanks for looking :-) 





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Dear Alex


have answered a couple in your TR already


1) widowbird is the closest I can get at this hour!

2) African stonechat

3) tawny eagles

4) agree

5) Marico flycatcher 

6) agree


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Alex Rogers

Thanks very much for the help :-)

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