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Into the Heart of Madness - This is Gabon!


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Now I have caught up.  What an amazing honor to witness the Bwiti ceremony.  I hope the woman who was having trouble recovered fully.  It reminds me a little of ayahuasca in South America.

  "A few times someone came near me with fire and sparks were flying but luckily no one got hurt and nothing caught on fire!"  Good. We don't need another trip report entitled, My Ass is on Fire--This is Gabon!


You all had an adventure in every sense of the word.

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Thanx alot for showing me Gabon.


For me, a potential country to go looking for the African Golden cat.

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What a fantastic report of your memorable Gabon trip, @michael-ibk, @AndMic, @SafariChick, @Kitsafari and @gatoratlarge ! Compelling storytelling and great photography and video throughout. As others have stated, it's not a destination I can see myself going to, but I do admire you for taking on this adventure and thank you for sharing it with us!

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A remarkable adventure expertly narrated by you all.(@michael-ibk, @AndMic, @SafariChick, @Kitsafari and @gatoratlarge). The images /videos from all your cameras are wonderful too. An outstanding trip report in my opinion should make the reader want to visit the region being described, Gabon has just crept up my wish list thanks to this report. 

The variety of the bio-diversity you encountered was remarkable. The report was particularly interesting to read as your experiences good and bad were superbly written from several different perspectives. An epic and legendary expedition, thank you all for the detailed report which has obviously been thoroughly enjoyed by so many. 

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Many thanks @michael-ibk, @AndMic, @SafariChick, @Kitsafari and @gatoratlarge for this wonderful report. It's been a fascinating read with many different aspects.

I always enjoy reports that include some features of day to day life such as street scenes, markets, villages etc and these were included culminating in the Bwiti Ceremony. Great!

Then there was the amazing wildlife throughout.

Always more to learn:-

I'd always imagined forest elephants had short straight tusks so I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with your sightings.

Love those Buffalos with their colouring and shredded looking ears.

I've never seen a Sitatunga but in your photos they look to me to be about the size of a bushbuck. I'd imagined them to be bigger.

Palm nut vultures everywhere for you guys! I recall one sighting back in the 90's in South Luangwa and Robin Pope saying what a special sighting that was.

Seeing a Yellow -backed Duiker - is really special.I'm envious!


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