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Help needed with SA bird id's, please.

Zim Girl

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So these are the first few birds I need help with identifying, if anyone can help please.


First two are the same bird, found in the Cederberg mountains. I think it may be a female Orange-breasted Sunbird.  




The next one was seen on the gravel road to De Hoop.  Some kind of female canary?



Seen at De Hoop.  Possibly a White-throated Canary.



The last 2 seen at De Hoop.  The first one maybe some kind of juvenile/female flycatcher?  The second I have no idea.





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I think the first is a Orange-breasted Sunbird, but possibly a immature or eclipse mail


No idea on the second


Third I would have thought black-throated, but definitely Canary


Fourth no idea


Last I think is an immature Southern Boubou?

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1: Not totally sure but Orange-Breasted and Malachite seem to be the only candidates. Malachite is more of a mountain bird, and the E-Bird entries for the general area only include Malachite and no Orange-Breasteds so I´d guess Malachite.

2: Always tricky with these kind of birds but I think Southern Red Bishop could be it. Not too many of this Whydah/Widowbirds around De Hoop, and it does have a somewhat clear buffy supercilium.

3: I agree with White-Throated Canary. Black-Throated also has that distinctive yellow rump but would be out of range in De Hoop.

4: A juvenile Capped Wheatear I´d say.

5: Agree with Southern Boubou.

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Mmm, you are supposed to be helping me add to my list not take away:D


1. I looked up female malachite and they do look similar.  I will hold on that one as I have a male malachite later on

2.  Didn't think to look for a female bishop, so I was wrong with the bill shape which now I look more carefully I can see is different to canary.  I have a male later which is a better picture.

3.  I will go with White-throated canary as they are listed on the De Hoop checklist and Black-throated isn't.  Yay, that's a tick.

4 & 5.  What a shame, I thought I had 2 good birds there!  I am about to post a male Wheatear and I already have a Southern Boubou.


Thanks very much for your help @Peter Connan and @michael-ibk and don't go away as there will be more to come:)

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Can this one be confirmed as a female Cape Weaver?



This next one was taken in the National Park at Wilderness, sorry it's a rubbish picture,  some kind of cisticola maybe??P1210976c.jpg.890ac0fae5b87c1d7cd3bc63fbd3a0ac.jpg



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I think so, but not sure.


Second looks like Levaillant's Cisticlola to me, but I am not going to call myself an expert on these things...

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I think this is the last batch of unidentified birds:)


They are all from the Swartberg wildlife reserve, Klein Karoo.

They are probably all going to be in the cisticola/pipit/lark?/chat/wheatear type of bird but that's as far as I got.




















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28 minutes ago, Peter Connan said:

I think so, but not sure.


Second looks like Levaillant's Cisticlola to me, but I am not going to call myself an expert on these things...


Now I thought Levaillant's as well, but then I am def no expert!!


Any advance on Levaillant's anyone?

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Dave Williams

@Galana will ride to the rescue on his return! The last one could be Familiar Chat perhaps? The first and third maybe African Stonechat? I need to dig out my field guide.



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For what it's worth my guesses would be:


1. African Stonechat - immature

2. Cape Robin-chat

3. African Stonechat 

4. Neddicky - for me it needs more of a white pale eyebrow for Levaillant's

5. Honestly I don't know but given that never stopped me from sharing my opinion before I will go with - African Rock Pipit

6. Familiar chat - the cheek I think is diagnostic

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