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Prowling Pumas, Snoring Whales and Penguin Royalty: Chilean Patagonia


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Joe, thanks so much for this fabulous report! I was a bit depressed the last days as there´s no more Africa for me this year. :unsure: But reading this I got super-excited and nowam so looking forward to also experiencing Chile. If we see only half the Pumas you did I´ll be a very happy man. Love the Penguins as well, and that´s a seriously good bird list - almost all will be new for me!

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I just returned a couple weeks ago from Chilean Patagonia with my niece and thought I'd share my trip report: I loved it!  Wild, raw, beautiful, uncrowded country with varied wildlife, and although I

Thanks safaritalkers for your encouragement!  So glad to see so many folks doing this journey in the near future---I'll look very much forward to the trip reports and to follow the progress of the pum

Thanks @pault!!  I'm well aware via Whatsapp what you guys are up to---please tell Nam Wan "hi" for me as she keeps me posted on your travels and whereabouts and sends the occasional cat video  

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@michael-ibk  You were certainly thought of on many occasion as our guide scampered out of the car, scaled a fence and played bird calls on his phone---more often than not, the bird he was looking for would make an appearance!  I told them that Michael was coming! :D


Wishing you many many puma sightings --- I would certainly go back --- it is a spectacular place with lots of nature...it'll be interesting to see if there are any significant seasonal differences in October v January...post your rough itinerary if you have time...PS looking forward to your TZ TR  :D


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Ah this was so great @gatoratlarge - some day I will go there too! Thanks for sharing and you got wonderful pics and videos!

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Double Dare

I am late to the party, but I REALLY enjoyed this trip report.  I have a trip planned for next March to do just about the same thing.  I am staying in Ecocamp in Torres Del Paine and spending three days puma tracking and three days doing other excursions.  I am also doing the boat trip as I love whales.  My husband left me so I am going solo - I will have to see how that works out!  (I did go to the Galapagos by myself and had a fabulous time.)  Anyone else in the area at the end of March?

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