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Uganda Bird ID


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I am looking for some help in identifying birds from our recent trip to Uganda. I hope that some of the expert birders on this forum will be able to find the right name for the following birds. 


1. Queen Elizabeth National Park near Kyambura Gorge: Juvenile bird of prey - but which one?



2. Queen Elizabeth National Park - Mweya Lodge



3.Queen Elizabeth National Park - Mweya Lodge



4. Queen Elizabeth National Park- Northern section: Looks like a shrike, but can't find one in the books with such yellowish underparts, grey-brownish crown points to an immature one



5. Queen Elizabeth National Park - Kasenyi Sector: Looks like a swallow, but white throat with dark breast confuses me, maybe an immature barn swallow



6.Queen Elizabeth National Park- Ishasha sector: Bird of prey, but bill looks reddish - The yellow around the eye, shape of the head and the yellow legs look to me like an African Harrier-Hawk.



7.Murchison Falls National Park on the Nile: Our guide named this bird an Angola swallow. In my guide book, the Angola Swallow shows a chestnut forecrown only, but the chestnut of the bird in the photo extends to the whole crown. Maybe it is just an immature wire-tailed swallow?




Thanks in advance!




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No 4 looks like Common Fiscal

No 5 looks like Banded Martin

No 7 Juvenile Wire - tailed looks like a decent guess

I'm not brave enough to try for the others:unsure:

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1 I´d say Yellow-Billed Kite.
2 Impossible to safely ID IMO! One of these Whydah-Widow-Weaver things, maybe Pin-Tailed Whydah transitioning from juv to adult female.
3 Not a bird I´m very familiar with but I think a Swamp Flycatcher
4 Agree with Common Fiscal.
5 Most likely Barn Swallow immature
6 Yes, African Harrier Hawk aka Gynmogene (juv.)
7 Agree with Wire-Tailed Swallow

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@Soukous @michael-ibk

Thanks for your input which fills some gaps on my side.


#3 looks really like the Swamp Flycatcher in my guide book. I initially was thinking more towards African Dusky Flycatcher but the Swamp Flycatcher matches better.

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Another vote for Swamp flycatcher, we saw lots at QENP. 

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#5 - My reasoning for suggesting Banded Martin rather than anything else was - what looks like - distinct white eyebrows. Could just be highlights in bright sun

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11 hours ago, Soukous said:

#5 - My reasoning for suggesting Banded Martin rather than anything else was - what looks like - distinct white eyebrows. Could just be highlights in bright sun

Makes sense to me,  would also explain the broad breast band

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