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Back yard birding thread... (Corona virus restrictions)

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Since May 2020 I've been writing an article on local birds in our town's monthly newsletter. For February's newsletter I wrote about King Parrots. They must have heard me as they visited our garden on Wednesday Feb 2.

This one taken through the Kitchen's doubled glazed glass door.



I then walked outside and took this photo. John had just got back from walking the dog but the parrot was unconcerned.



Then perched on the fence for a while before heading off.





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Our backyard garden is not as colourful as some others but with 26 species observed from January 1st, it does offer a never ending flow of hungry birds. Mostly Sparrows but also some less frequent visitors. Not all of them stays long enough for a photo to be taken. This year the big surprise was an Eurasian Jay. Too shy to stay long enough for a photo.



Several Nuthatches lives nearby so is already habituated to the feeder. 





The Collared Dove has built their nest above the balcony, second or third year in a row. I hope chicks will be able to fly out safely. While mom is in the nest, pop is watching her closely.





Also Blackbirds must have a nest in the vicinity as a pair is seen daily; both are using the birding bath for drinsking and showering.





Dunnock is mostly seen on the ground and in the shade. This one made an exception, and I was lucky to have the camera nearby.





On the other side, Chaffinch is hanging in the branches. Male is showing off his spring edition.



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Very nice @xelas we have had all those in my garden in recent days, plus a couple of less frequent visitors


Black cap (Sylvia atricapilla*)


Brambling (Fringilla montifringilla*)




*For @Tom Kellie

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A pair of Eastern Rosellas taken through double glazed lounge windows





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