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Kwando is better the 2nd time around - Dec 2019 Kwara, Lebala and Tau Pan


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Alrighty folks here we go....this was our second time with Kwando.   First time was back in October 2014 - Tau Pan, Little Kwara and Lagoon.   


In one word it was HOT.  Being from South Carolina USA were are used to 90 degree summer days but it was HOT in BOTS.


 But we had a blast and during our Beer Flu quarantine we have been thinking a lot about wishing to just escape back to the bush!


Travel - not one delay in 11 International and Domestic flights!...well Air Bots did run about an hour late on the return trip to JNB, but we have plenty of time padded in before our flight to Atlanta.


Dec 10 - Detroit - AMS - JNB on Delta/KLM


Dec 11 - Arrival into JNB and spent the night at the IC


Dec 12 - Departed JNB for Maun and then a small plane to Kwara


Dec 12 - 16 Kwara


Dec 16 - 20 Lebala


Dec 20 - 22 Tau Pan


Dec 22 Maun- JNB - Atlanta - Detroit 


Dec 23 - Home just in time for Christmas!


Kwara - Last time we were here we stayed at Little Kwara, which I believe is being redone as well.   Kwara was just opened and we had mix feelings about the experience.   The tents were beautiful, the staff was awesome.   One issue with the new tents...there was absolutely no air flow thru the tent.    I mean closed up attic temperatures.   The bed was hot to the touch, toilet seat, etc.   Same daily temps for the other camps and we did not have the issues in the other tents.   Anyway we dealt with it, but there were other guest who were very unhappy about the day time temps in the tents.   Anyway just an FYI....not sure how it is fixed but I am confident Kwara staff is aware of the issue.


Kwara Pics - coming soon

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I can't wait!

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We are doing Kwara and Lebala in 2021. Can’t wait to hear you story!!!

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Can’t wait to hear more .... Especially the lebala section !! 

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