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Birds just posted


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 In my latest post of the birds I took in Uganda, could members look at them and correct me if I have named them incorrectly - Thanks all.

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@ROBERT M HARDMANI've just had a quick flick through, it looks like most of your birds are okay, I'm perhaps inclined to think that this one is more likely a Wahlberg's eagle than a tawny, it doesn't look right for a tawny.


Tawny Eagle.JPG


I suspect you have identified this weaver correctly, but there seems to be some confusion over its name, in the original Stevenson and Fanshawe's Birds of East Africa it is called black-headed weaver as you have labelled it, however, in Birds of Africa South of the Sahara, the black-headed weaver is an entirely different species Ploceus melanocephalus also known as yellow-backed weaver, and in that book your bird is the village weaver Ploceus cucullatus also called spotted-backed, I think therefore your bird should really be labelled village weaver, as I think this is now regarded as the correct name, it is certainly called village weaver on the BirdLife website. 



Black-headed Weaver.JPG


I do have to say though that you've had rather more trouble with the mammal names than with the birds as far as I can see.


This is not a water buffalo it is an African or Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer caffer,), it's a common mistake, and I'm afraid one of my personal pet peeves when people call these buffaloes, water buffaloes which is a different species entirely.



Water Buffalo.JPG



This one is a bushbuck, not an nyala






This one is topi, not a hartebeest



Jackson's Hartebeest.JPG


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@ROBERT M HARDMANJust moved your topic to the Birding Subforum where it's more at home. Is anyone having problems seeing the images @inyathi links to above?



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yes, cant see them. 


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