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Lets get serious, Elefromoz 2021 West Aus BY


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And so it begins....


1. Tawney Frogmouth 2/1/21, one from the Garden,  confusingly in the Chinese Tallow, a favoured perch



3/1/20 Melville Waters, Applecross.  This open river area is about 2kms from home, popular for cycling, dog-walking, fishing etc. The Shorebirds are here for the Summer, not in huge numbers in the city, but so nice to see them back each year, against all the odds.



2. Osprey, permanent local residents



3. Pied Oystercatcher

863620430_3.PiedOystercatcher.JPG.b27e4ed39096e0bccbc95971f4f539ab.JPG 4


4. Common Sandpiper



5. Grey Tattler, half a dozen thereabouts, have taken to this 100m bit of shoreline for the last few years





6. White Faced Heron, poking about the rocky shoreline


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7. Common Greenshank, usually one hanging with the Tattlers



8. Au Pelican



9. Little Pied Cormorant



10. Black Swan, 



11. Silver Gull


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Yesterday I joined the local Birdlife group for a Walk around the Canning River primarily for Bushbirds and Waterbirds. It was hot and very windy, so not ideal conditions. I guess we probably got maybe 30 in total, and I got a few acceptable photos from the morning.

3/1/21. Canning River Park, Wilson



12. Hardhead



13. Sacred Kingfisher. There were several in the area of the above photo. The first one below had a very white breast which the 'experts' suggested female or Juv. The 2nd has the more familiar buff breast of the Male. Summer migrants for us here in Perth, they come down from the north.





14. Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike. Because of the jet black face I always find them tricky to photograph, the eyes disappear into the black so you have to wait for them to turn then head



There were lots about, bug season I guess, a praying Mantis here



15. Rufous Whistler, looking a bit scruffy. Again the 'experts' suggested Juv.


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Beautiful birds and photos @elefromoz.  Looking forward to more of what WA has to offer.

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A good start with some beautiful photos! I see what you mean about the Cuckoo Shrike, but especially the second one has a perfect exposure on the head.

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A flying start (sorry about the pun) with some lovely photos.

Well done with eyes on the C-Shrike. I know just what you mean.

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Beautiful photos - the Osprey and Tattler especially are fantastic shots! Looking forward to your "serious" Big Year. :)

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Thanks all, Michael I note your  'if it moves shoot it" philosophy :o, doesn't get much more serious than that.


So yesterday at 2pm it was 35 degrees under the patio and the hot easterly persisted. Should I retreat to the air-con and re-watch the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy (actually I did that over Xmas) or simply plonk in the pool? No, any “serious” Birder would be out and about, so off I went. Todays location was Bibra Lake, about a 15 minute drive from home, a wetland, increasingly it is struggling to hold its water over Summer, but for now its wet, albeit fairly shallow. It was actually quite pleasant with the wind blowing across the water thereby cooling it and the afternoon sun now behind me and the treeline. Hopefully a good opportunity for some common Waterbirds.

Bibra Lake  6/1/21



16. Pacific Black Duck, probably about as interesting as the Feral Pigeon, so I tried to give it a bit of personality



Another later, somewhat battered and bleeding, keeping company with the

17. Grey Teal



18. Australasian Shoveler



19. Australian White Ibis, he can join the club too



20. Magpie Lark, just learnt that this a member of the Flycatcher family, who'd have guessed



21. Little Black Cormorant



22. Red Necked Avocet.   part of a big flock out on the far side of the Lake. Intermittently they'd all take flight, must have spotted a Raptor somewhere above


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I met 'Ken" along the path, instantly recognised a kindred spirit, long lens, daggy clothes, wide brimmed battered hat. We chatted a bit, not too serious he said, just kept his own annual list and monitored for ebird, as soon as he said that I knew who he was, Perth is a small city and Birders an even smaller group. He's pointed out a couple of spots for 2 species that have eluded me so far so it was a handy chat. He also pointed out a chick right in front of me that I hadn't noticed


23. Great Crested Grebe chick, Id never seen one before



and adult later



24. Australasian Grebe



25. Eurasian Coot



26. Hoary Headed Grebe



27. Musk Duck, another plain black bird that I find difficult to photograph



28. Little Egret



a familiar twittering in the Westringias revealed where A little family was feeding.

29. Splendid Fairy Wren (Male)   Pretty, even in the shade



but those colours really "pop" in the sunlight. And a Spider ends up a snack



A White Faced Heron (already counted) flew by so I took the opportunity for a bit of BIF practice



30. Great Egret, gives a bit of an idea on water depth as its receding with the heat. Theres 2 birdhides here



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It looks like a really nice place to go birding and it was quite productive for you! Those Fairy Wrens are just amazing birds. With a name like that they could perhaps feature in the Lord of the Rings trilogy ;)

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6 hours ago, elefromoz said:

as soon as he said that I knew who he was

and who was he?

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1 hour ago, Soukous said:

and who was he?

Ken.  Do keep up.;)

@elefromozA very productive walk and great decision over the pool or video.

30 up in 7 days spells a good result. You got some excellent birds there.

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A very productive outing. Love your take on the pacific black duck and I had no idea the magpie lark was a flycatcher - kind of makes sense when you think about it though 

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Oh, I wish it was 35 degrees here!!  I hate the cold and winter time.

Lovely selection of birds so far, the fairy wrens are gorgeous.

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A stunning collection of birds to start your Big Year

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stunning fairywren in its splendid plumage! that was a productive chat with Ken, then. 

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Dave Williams

I'm envious of the weather  but more so the Frogmouth that are resident in your garden. 

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Peter Connan

Wow, what a start!

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Thanks everyone, 

On 1/7/2021 at 6:00 PM, Soukous said:

and who was he?

Im sorry, Im being too cryptic (although not as cryptic as @Dave Williamsposts to start the year).  As @Galanasaid, just Ken, e-bird Ken :lol:, Id never met him before but see his name many times on e-bird. 


On 1/7/2021 at 8:15 PM, Zim Girl said:

Oh, I wish it was 35 degrees here!!  I hate the cold and winter time.

Yes Im sure its no fun especially as you can't plan a hot escape somewhere, but, that said Im a bit fed up with the heat. The ol' grass is greener thing..


On 1/8/2021 at 5:21 PM, Dave Williams said:

I'm envious of the weather  but more so the Frogmouth that are resident in your garden. 

and an update on that, Mum is sitting on that nest still and boy do I feel sorry for her. Yesterday it topped out at 43 on the patio, I worry the eggs are frying!



Dad moves about the Garden, but never too far away, today he chose the fence line  to spend the day. 



Anyways, as said yesterday was a stinker so I just stayed put. I managed one for "feral Friday", my new sub category :lol:


31. Kookaburra 8/1/21 my garden.  Everyone loves Kookaburras in WA except those that know better, he is not welcome in my Garden but smart enough to perch high in the Jarrah


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Another 'hottie" today, we headed to the beach to escape but on arrival were met with crowds hovering on the shoreline, a Shark had been sighted nearby. Funnily this is the first time I have ever encountered this in my whole life.I know people think we have Sharks lurking on every beach every day but not so. But anyway, we were allowed back into the water after half an or so. I digress, back to Birds. It cooled a bit this arvo so I nipped to my local Reserve, 5 mins walk away

Harry Sandon Park, a lovely bit of urban Bushland 9/1/21



32. Grey Fantail, it was nesting right over the path, I took a quick snap from afar and moved along, such a neat little nest that must have taken some time to construct





33. White Cheeked Honeyeater



34. Rainbow Bee-eaters, so great to see them return for Summer. I estimated about three dozen in flight overhead. The local Council has gone to the trouble of fencing off their nesting ares locally to reduce impact whilst their here. Small wins.




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That's some park and a great Council you have.

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Dave Williams

Lovely looking walk but I'm concerned about you going down to the beach for a swim just to cool down.

 We don't have that problem in Wales, this was my car windscreen this morning!!


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i hadn't realised you had crossed #30 already and all in the first 10 days of the year. impressive! and envious. 


The grey fantail's nest is quite like the pied fantail's nest - very small and so tightly woven. i've always wondered how that tiny nest houses a few eggs. 



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Thanks all, the heat continues here. Its a bit of an effort to get out, but hearing of your restrictions Im not complaining, and I am enjoying others "chilly" tales. I am, for the time being, staying local.

Alfred Cove Nature Reserve is a Samphire fringed Estuarine area just a few minutes from home. Its one of my 'go to' places when I just want a bit of quiet. This time of the year we host shorebirds from Siberia, Alaska and places about as far North as its possible to be from us, one of natures miracles.



35. Grey Plover



36. Great Knot (Ive been torturing myself over this ID, trying a process of elimination and comparison with the Greenshank). If I have it wrong Im happy to be corrected, whatever it is, its 'new' for this year



37. Caspian Tern and 38. Black Winged Stilt



As I walked back to the car a Bee-eater had found his favourite food


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