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roseclaw's third big year


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I'm not sure where this year will go, but I'm sure it will be interesting. Do not expect quality at any time! Do expect birds from the northeastern United States.


New Year's Day birds! All in Northwestern CT, USA.


1. Dark-eyed (slate-colored) junco




2. Hermit Thrush





3. American Robin




4. Northern (yellow-shafted) flicker




5. house finch (two males and a female)




6. red-bellied woodpecker




7. eastern bluebird





8. downy woodpecker




9. white-breasted nuthatch




10. tufted titmouse




11. black-capped chickadee




12. hairy woodpecker




13. red-tailed hawk



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13 unlucky for some but not in this case.

A great start.

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Off to a flying start - good to see you back 

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Good to see you join again. And with quite a harvest for the first batch!

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beautiful birds to celebrate the start of the new year!

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Welcome again, I'm happy you are taking part! 

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I remember the northern Flicker from last year, what a beautiful bird.

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An excellent start with some beautiful birds 

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Dave Williams

Birding must be a welcome diversion from the insanity that is going on all around your country at the moment. Keep them coming!

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Yes, @Dave Williams Things here are Not Good, so birding is a great distraction. Hopefully I have more birds this weekend!

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Peter Connan

Great start! You really have a great variety of Woodpeckers up there.

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1/22 Northwestern CT, USA


Went out this afternoon to find some rare birds. Found them!


14. Hoary redpoll - lifebird!




15. Common redpoll - haven't seen them in years




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Nice lifer 😁

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16. Coopers Hawk 2/9, northwestern CT, USA


It's been snowing here constantly, so I haven't been able to do much birding except from my window. Here's the very cold hawk sitting in the snow.



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2/14 Central CT, USA


All the arctic air brought arctic visitors. Second lifer of the year come to me!


17. Tundra Swan (lifer)




18. Wood Duck




19. Canada Goose




20. Hooded Merganser




21. Mallard




22. Black Duck



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  • 7 months later...

I blinked and now it is somehow October? How did this happen? I don't know if I'll be able to catch up, but I hope to at least see how everyone else is doing!

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