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Tanzania - A journey in the Covid-19 pandemic


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Lets continue with the Serengeti.



Banded Mongoose in the sun on top of a rock






Our most beautiful Elephant 



Lion on the Rock



The Barafu Plains full of live







Our lovely couple 





Ten lionesses together on there day sleep




Happy Easter Holiday

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Jackals like to move on the road instead the high gras



Elephants on the move



One of the Cheetah brothers



Always worth to stop



A big herd of Buffalo's near Nabi Hill



A lioness covered with flies



View in the Ngorongoro Crater



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@Botswanadreamsthanks for your inspiring trip report, it helps to keep hope alive to see how some of us still manage to travel these days. I would like to strongly encourage ST members to have a look at the extensive reports on your website, such a treasure for the Easter weekend. 

I would love to go back to the Serengeti and Ndutu in particular in January or February, it’s so lush.

Looking forward to the next episode.

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Sorry for the long silence. @Bikothank you so much for your kind comment.


The following pictures are from Tarangire. 



Red-and-yellow Barbet



White-bellied Go-away-bird



Blue-cheeked Bee-eater 



Ostrich on the road



Bare-faced Go-away-bird



A family of Banded Mongoose on a termite hill



Giraffes are always beautiful



Relaxed Impalas





A few Elephants


Our first visit to Tarangire was in June 2015. As we left this park we said it is one of a few like Ruaha or Mana Pools we could go back tomorrow. After this visit I can't say it anymore. Every game drive was a hunting Safari - hunting Tsetse flies. Really terrible. The amount of elephants was not what we expected. No cat in three full days. Maybe it was the different time of the year. I don't know. 


More pics from Tarangire you can find https://www.botswanadreams.de/reisen-afrika/tanzania-2021/tanzania-2021-teil-6/ 




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Mkomazi National Park


In 2015 we didn't have enough days to include Mkomazi. So it was clear without any question that we want to see and experience this park on this trip.



This is a map of Mkomazi from TANAPA to get a bit oriantation



This is from a little museum at Zange Gate



We are here on the Dindira Drive on the way back. The mountain behind the big tree are part of the Pare Mountains. Behind the last hill on the left site is the turn to Zange.



The view from the new Babu’s Camp in Dindira



View over the Supa Bowl Plains to Tsawo West National Park



Dindira Dam



View to the Usambara Mountain



It is enough he said. He felt we were to close.



Lots of Eland - sometimes mixed with Zebras, sometime with Beisa-Oryx



Red-Legged Golden Orb Weaver



Lesser Kudu



European Roller



South African Porcupine



Puff Adder








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At least the best of Mkomazi



This is one of the dogs from the captured breading program. More than 200 dogs are released in the wild in the Greater Tsavo Ecosystem since 2000.  



I thing this is the youngest Rhino in Mkomazi at the moment of our visit. Just beautiful. We don't know what happend to the mother - forgotten to ask. 











We had the privilege to see five Rhinos very close over half an hour. 


Since last year you can book a visit to the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary. Our visit was in Kisima. In the near future Kisima will be the breading Sanctuary. A new power and alarmed fenced Sanctuary north of Mbula Plains is nearly ready build. This will be than open for tourists.


The question of the exact number of Rhinos at Mkomazi was not answered but our Ranger says around 30. It is a huge success. 


- in 1997 the first 4 East African Black Rhinos came from South Africa.

- in 2001 another 4 Rhinos came from South Africa but one young bull died 2 years later

- in 2009 3 Rhinos came from Dvůr Králové in Czech Republic

- in 2012 3 Rhinos came from Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in England

- in 2016 1 Rhino came again from Dvůr Králové in Czech Republic 


The first Rhino calve was born in Mkomazi in 2005. What a great work Tony Fitzjohn and his whole team did. 

Now TANAPA is 100% responsible for all projects in Mkomazi and Toni Fritzjohn will concentrate on Kora NP. 


If you like more info's and pics from Mkomazi feel free have a look at https://www.botswanadreams.de/reisen-afrika/tanzania-2021/tanzania-2021-teil-7/.

Google translate can help you. 


*** END ** 








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Beautiful photos, Christa! Thank you for sharing. Like everyone else, I am a big fan of that mating hyena video - such an unusual sighting. Also loved your detailed info on Mkomazi. With the rhino and wild dogs here, it makes for a superb add-on to the start or end of a Tz safari. Thank you for highlighting the work they are doing :wub:

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Thank you so much for this inspiring trip report. I have so far never heard of Mkomazi, it is truly a beautiful place. In 2022 I hope to travel in Tanzania with our good friend and guide Kalisti, and after reading your report and enjoying your website, Mkomazi will definitely be on the list, as will Tarangire that I visited for only two days in 2008. I see there are many trip reports on your website to enjoy, which I will certainly do in the next weeks.

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Beautiful photos! And nice to read about Mkomazi, the rhinos and wild dogs. The beisa-oryx is new to me. 

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Such great photos! I was very amused to see that the mating hyenas has an 'Adult Content' screen and that I had to sign in to YouTube to see it. Safari-porn! :lol:

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@Galago Thanks for picking up this report again. It wasn't me with the 'Adult Content'. It was YouTube a few month after it was online. I got a mail that say have change this one. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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Oh no inconvenience at all @BotswanadreamsI just thought it was really funny that a video of hyenas mating should be deemed Adult Content!  Anyway, it was really interesting as I've never seen this on safari or on film. The female looks entirely uninterested in the whole procedure, doesn't she!

Thanks for a great report and also for the warning about the tsetses!

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@Galago I just watched my slideshow from our first hyena mating in 2009. And what should I say the lady looks uninterested on this images too. Maybe it isn't fun for her at all. I don't know.  

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On 4/16/2021 at 11:49 AM, Botswanadreams said:

View to the Usambara Mountain



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Just found this one and read it from start to finish. Thanks for sharing your trip with us all.

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Thank you very much @Galana. Oh this trip was nearly two yours ago. Time is running, we are getting old and I need to smell the African bush again but not in 2023 for us. The beautiful world need our attention in other directions. 

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I am luckier.

Tomorrow, 2nd Feb I arrivein Dar es Salaam.

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Have a nice time in Tanzania @Galana and please report back. 

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