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My very special Safari - in loving memories

Wild Dogger

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Dolly is dwarfed by the beverages!  I especially like the Yellow-billed hornbill pair and baby ostriches.


Your words while star gazing are as striking as the baobabs in that radiant light.



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Last Safari day:

Together with Charlei I go out on the last drive on this years Safari.
The morning is very quiet.
Still have not seen any Oryxes (no, that is not completely true, there was one far, far away, when we were driving to Baines Baobabs).
But there are Bat-Eared Foxes all over the place, you just can´t miss them (just like the Whatelses :D, do you remember the Lagoon part?).



I tried a rim shot, but I am not completely happy with it.


Steppe Buzzard again


and my new feathered friends, the Rufous-naped Lark


We get very close to a Lilac Breasted Roller, so close that I am maybe for the first time happy he doesn´t give me the opportunity for an inflight shot.


and last but not least:



Back in camp, the Ellies are still there




After brunch it is time to say goodbye to Mr. G, DRC and Big Tom


Although Dolly is smiling, I know she would prefer to stay!


going down


In Maun a representative of Kwando and the Maun Lodge waits for me.
I am taken to the PCR test station.
Although I had prepaid my test in Germany, they don´t know anything about it and I pay again.
But don´t worry, I got the money back directly in Germany.
At Maun Lodge I get in contact with Matt.
Soon later he picks me up and shows me around Maun. His wife has a small business at the market there.
We have a very early dinner and fun.


(I am the one with the Foo Fighters shirt and the red head :) )

Next day, I pick up my PCR test and head to the airport.
Talk of the town is the new Omicron variant and how the action would be arriving home.
Quarantine, no quarantine, many uncertainties.
Next surprise then in JNB.
The flight to Germany is delayed due to problems with the intercom computer, we were told.

Quickly book a night in Joburg.
At least I get home.
I am not forced to go in quarantine as the flight arrived at 22hrs, if it had arrived 2 hours later (also known as the next day) it would have been mandatory.
But I do it voluntarily. In Germany you do it at home, no big thing.
The family of Claudias sister picks me up at the airport. They came with 2 cars, so I drive my car without getting in close contact to them.
Back at home Dolly proudly shows all her valuable collections.
We will put them on Claudias grave, at least, we brought something home for her.

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Although Dolly is smiling, I know she would prefer to stay!


Dolly's only setting is smile.


Dolly's collection makes me smile, and cry a bit.

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Reading this report and seeing a picture of you in the Foo fighters shirt makes me think of their song instantly, "Best of You" ..........  "is someone getting the best, the best, the best of you? " .......


Thank you once again for taking us on this tough and very personal journey of yours ......... hopefully, will bump into you one day in Lagoon, lebala or Kwara.

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On 1/25/2022 at 7:02 PM, Wild Dogger said:

We have our dinner in almost dark, but there are less termites around this night.
After dinner we go to the fire.
It is a clear sky.
Thousands of stars are out there.
While one of the guides explains Orions belt to the others, I just sit on the steps and look upside.
Big Tom and Mr. G come by and ask: "Is everything alright?"
"All good.", I lie to them.




and my heart ached with yours. 


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@Wild DoggerThank you so much for your moving Trip Report, Dolly gave it a very pleasant light touch, and what is truely special is the wonderful way in which you pay tribute to your soulmate Claudia, including the presents you brought back for her from your trip. 

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Finally caught up on this Trip Report


@Wild Dogger thank you for sharing your itinerary, and emotions with us. It was a joy to read but oh so sad at the same time. A real tugger at the heart strings, can only imagine what it was like for you.


Your photography was brilliant, really enjoyed the images. I'm sure Claudia would be nodding approvingly at your sunrise and sunset shots.

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Thanks for sharing this great trip report. Circumstances are sad, but in honor of Claudia, this is a trip (and report) you can be proud of. Your storytelling and photography were on par with your sightings and experiences, enjoyed it from beginning to end. Wish you all the best and hope you look back on it with positivity and no regrets.

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@Wild DoggerI send you my deepest condolences. I also lost the love of my life John in June 2020. I admire your determination to visit Africa in Claudia’s memory. It is hard to continue life without them. Please take care and remember the love never dies. Pen 

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Oh, Wild Dogger, I know exactly how you felt, and probably how you feel now.  I lost my Yvonne from illness early this year. We went on five safaris from 2000 to 2008, and my memories of those and later times and what I have lost, are so intense. Bush dog photographed us on our honeymoon safari at Selinda, though he did not know until years later who we were.  I do not know if I have the courage to travel without her, as you did. Time will tell.


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