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Galana's sixth. Building on what was started.


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3 hours ago, michael-ibk said:

Lovely Gadwall photo to get there.

Thanks. It appeared quite tame but I worked out later that it was actually using the dyke wall/Bund to shelter from the shrieking gale that was blowing. It got spooked once or twice by noisy hide users but quickly returned to the same few metres of lagoon.


Lack of progress since is due to the weather. I want to check for sea ducks such as Long-tailed but not in the waves we are getting. Strangely the Gannets are still around although they have usually all gone by now.

But I have not given up.

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Sunshine tempted me out from shopping but despite calm sea no divers or Ducks, apart from ubiquitous Eider.

A few European Teal on a farmers pond and a great male Hen Harrier drifted close by but would not present a clear shot before disappearing.

Just to let the camera do some work I took a couple of shots of Fieldfare but it really was very quiet after the winds and frosty mornings.


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Dave Williams

I wish I could get that close! Nice one.

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Thanks. I like it too.


Today is Christmas Eve and we are now in our 'new' location for the holidays. This is a small Manx Cottage we have known for any years and when Covid struck in 2019 we could not do our usual Christmas escape off Island as even if we could have got anywhere nice we would not have been allowed back. So we took this place which belonged to two dear friends as a commercial proposition and thoroughly enjoyed it even though we are only a few miles from home. (So close in fact that when we frgot to bring the Christmas Pudding this year we nipped back home and retrieved it.)

We so liked the cosy cottage break that we booked again last year and again this year. Indeed given the chaos and hiati to travel at this time of year we think we may be on a winner here. Good book, warm fire, cosy lounge who needs Snow and security hassle at airports? I can always get my ellie fix later in the year (and will)

Take a look and tell me what you think.


The cottage,



The lounge with drinking partner.



Where my cordon bleau cuisine is created.







My study where I am producing this with a view over the fields.



Over the landing to 




Our comfortable bed room.



Not forgetting the essentials of course.


Little birding today. We saw two buzzards on our quick trip home for the pudding and there was one in the field outside my window a few moments ago plus pheasants and thrushes but it is a bit misseley and dusk us upon me.

I think a glass of Tanqueray is due shortly and I don't wish to be late for that.

All the very best to you for the morrow.

I sent Santa my new address and hope he got it despite the postal strike in UK.




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Merry Christmas Fred and Lady G

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That looks like a great place to spend Christmas. Happy days there!

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a pretty little cottage indeed - what a great way to spend the Christmas. Happy Christmas Fred and Lady G.

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Merry Christmas Fred and have a lovely time in that cozy cottage !

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Thanks everyone. We had a restful night and awoke to find Santa had found us despite there beng no chimney. How do they do that?

Looking out the window as I write I see the Buzzard is back in the field and the Tits are feeding well. It will be our turn later when another bird, NOT a Turkey, (ours comes with webbed feet) will feature prominently.

Sorry (and seasonal greetings) to @Game Wardenand others if the next few posts stray off my big year into a blog but it is too short for a trip report.

Here is the Buzzard and friend in recompense. How up to date is that?




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Christmas is over. Back to "work".


A short drive from the cottage took me to the coast yesterday and today in mixed weather.

Way to rough for Seaducks but I did see a pair of Lapwings in a field.

I cannot imagine why I have not cunted them already but they are not that common on the island so.....



300/90 for IOM.

Green Plover, Lapwing, Peewit, Pyewype and a TICK for IOM.


And on the way home this morning I checked up on our resident Whoopers and counted 55, with several young so good to see them back with us.



DSCN0655-001.JPG.c1c8ec0b2d95a2c0990c51f1dcee339f.JPGFar from salubrious eco area but it is home for them whereever the food is good.


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Congratulations Fred! #300 deserves 3 photos. Priba is the Slovenian name ;).

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Congrats on your second #300 Fred, well done - again! ;) What a nice place for a Christmas getaway - very cosy. Is Green Plover a name that was ever actually used for Lapwings? Or is that just one of „your“ names?

Edited by michael-ibk
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On 12/29/2022 at 12:09 PM, TonyQ said:

I thought you got 300 with your Gadwall?

I did. My Green Plover was #90 for IOM hence.....


On 12/28/2022 at 7:54 PM, Galana said:

Green Plover, Lapwing, Peewit, Pyewype and a TICK for IOM.


7 hours ago, michael-ibk said:

Is Green Plover a name that was ever actually used for Lapwings? Or is that just one of „your“ names?

Oh Michael. You doubt me:(. How could you?

Just google it.

Even those folk over the Atlantic see to know it....

https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/green plover


I am about done for 2022. with only tomorrow left I end with 300 (90 IOM).

Thanks to every one who made the year such fun.

Here's to a prosperous and productive 2023 to you all.

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Congratulations, a stirling effort!

Edited by Peter Connan
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Dave Williams

Excellent Fred, glad you made it. Not so easy when you have a limit on how far you can travel!

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Congrats @Galana on another 300 (?)!  you really didn't try on the last day of 2022? 

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8 hours ago, Kitsafari said:

you really didn't try on the last day of 2022? 

Nope. Stayed at home and went all domestic.:o

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Folks seem to be taking stock of past performance so I did too.

If I was a company the shares would be dropping.:D

If I was a patient I think I would be in intensive care and there may even be as 'do not resuscitate' notice at the foot of my hospital bed.:o

If it was my School Report, and heaven knows they were so bad my Dad made me unpack my holiday suitcase and take a job, I have had to stay on another Term.

Here they are.

2017.     602

2018.     600/605

2019      408  

2020      391    98 IOM

2021       144   110 IOM

2022       300   90 IOM      This after going all the way to North Pole for three bloody ticks. (But some great Bears)


2023?  Well I am due in East Africa twice but Elephant have right of way and priority for me as well as being great fun to be around.

My BY2023 HAS started with a few in the bag but there seems to be a delay in Admin.

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Yes as @wilddogmentions above I'll be opening the new 2023 subforum tomorrow so let's keep everything on ice till then.





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