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In search of the Northern Species; A Conservation success story - the last strong holds of one of Africa's Iconic species - Northern Kenya (March/April 2022 - part 1 of safari)


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Thanks @Biko@Zubbie15@JayRon@janzin


A little bit of information on the logistics.  It was the Air Kenya flight from Nairobi Wilson to Samburu (Kalama) airstrip ...... We did stop at Meru to drop off guests and what I saw from the air of the park looked very interesting.


We obviously drove from Samburu to Lewa as described above.


Flight out from Lewa - Air kenya really did give us the jib around ..... Stops at Meru, circled back to the Laikipia airstip (Ol Pejeta) and then finally made our way to Nairobi Wilson.  From Wilson we cleared immigration and showed them the Covid vaccination certificates and then it was onwards on Air Kenya from Wilson to Kilimanjaro airport for the Tanzania portion of safari.  

Overnight in Arusha at Katambuga house (near the arusha airport) ....... I highly recommend a stay here if you need to overnight.  We did not like Arusha Coffee lodge last year.  Katambuga house is all you need for an overnight with very welcoming and friendly staff, a lovely garden with lots of birds, a comfortable room with a nice shower.  


@Zubbie15- I hope you find the dogs in LWC.  I went a long time ago, i don't remember the plains game being very relaxed (very skittish in fact).  I don't know what the situation is now - that was in 2014.  Gerenuk i don't remember seeing any there.  Definitely have Vulturine guinea fowl and reticulated giraffe.


@JayRon- that's the end of this report, I'm afraid ..... not much more to add.

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Lovely photos of the Northern species.

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I didn’t realise you had been to Saruni too. I was looking at the first set of photos and thinking Lewa was a lot better for northern species than I had thought! As good as Saruni I was thinking,


Sounds like it was really hot hot hot there - of course it’s always going to be very warm but sounds more. Anything going on at their waterhole? I couldn’t remember the names of the managers either I think. 


I am ignoring the cheetahs, although I looked. 


The zebras - beautifull.That last black rhino - particularly beautiful. What a fabulous herd of oryx.


Thanks for posting. 

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Thanks @TonyQand @pault…. @pault….. saruni waterhole ? There were two Grevys zebra that came for a drink mid day and that got the staff excited. 

I do believe there were two elephants that came on another day also …. Yes, very very hot.  

northern species at Lewa.... good numbers of reticulated giraffe, oryx and grevy ( part of their conservation initiatives)

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