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Preparing my Safari to Zambia


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Some may have wondered if I was still active on safaritalk after two intense years of daily posting largely during the pandemic and near silence in the first half of 2022 ( a necessary break ) but I can reassure them : I will be back in the next months with day by day trip reports of my planned safaris to Zambia ( North and South Luangwa & Bangweulu ) and Zimbabwe Gonarezhou) in October .


In two days I will be leaving Brussels for Lusaka with my wife Anne ( without my son Willem this time ) and on Tuesday we will hopefully be in our first stop Takwela Camp ( see my topic on North Luangwa elsewhere) .

The last few days apart from preparing of course , I have been walking like usual in and around Dilbeek and the splendid " Wolfsputten " but this time with my Sony RX 10 IV to prepare myself for the African bush and get used again to my gear , so most of the following pictures were taken there and in Anderlecht ( my favorite soccer team for those who would doubt :D) .


If this will be the start of a first big year as I vaguely promised @michael-ibk ad the end of 2021 I don't know : much will depend on the number and variety of bird sightings on my future safaris but one thing is  certain : even if I am far from an experienced birder I am becoming totally addicted to our little friends !!






















































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8 hours ago, BRACQUENE said:

Anderlecht ( my favorite soccer team for those who would doubt :D) .


Ah yes, Anderlecht, I remember them well cheating and corruption in football !!! Rest assured I don't hold you personally responsible @BRACQUENE , have a great time in Zambia.

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Welcome back and may it be a very BiG YeaR in Zambia and prior.

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Thanks a lot @AfricIan @Atravelynn@Athenefor your kind words and on my last walk before leaving I met some old friends 4CBF50AB-E0F9-43E2-8FC0-AF22C0C89852_1_201_a.jpeg.17336885d904f3a81d8354afdfff6277.jpeg








I'll be back at the end of July :)


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Best Wishes for a Great Safari and looking forward to hearing all about it in due course@BRACQUENE

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On 7/8/2022 at 2:02 AM, BRACQUENE said:

I will be back in the next months with day by day trip reports of my planned safaris to Zambia ( North and South Luangwa & Bangweulu ) and Zimbabwe Gonarezhou) in October .


Oh goody!


Bon chance, mon ami.

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@BRACQUENEHere's hoping you have a great time!  And, looking forward to pics and stories as well.  

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I hope so to @TravelMore and looking forward to the sounds of the bush with eager anticipation !

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